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AEG - hot water and warm feet

When it comes to heat from electricity, AEG products are at the forefront. In addition to the popular Thermo Boden underfloor heating from the traditional manufacturer, you can also buy fan heaters, infrared heaters and hot water appliances such as instantaneous water heaters or small storage tanks here in the shop. We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping.

The AEG range in detail

AEG was once one of the biggest brands in Germany and the world. Now the brand is only available in slimmed-down versions and distributed among various manufacturers. However, you do not have to compromise on high quality. Take a look at what we have for you in our range of home technology.

1. Heaters

Many of the AEG heaters available here in the shop work with the healthy infrared heat and therefore provide a pleasant living climate. Examples include glass and natural stone heaters.

Convector heaters

AEG convector heaters provide fast heat. They are an alternative especially where there is no connection to the central heating system or where heating is rarely needed. These include, for example, attic rooms, holiday homes or offices. The AEG convectors are also perfect as supplementary heating for bathrooms, kitchens or offices.

Natural stone and glass heaters

Natural stone heaters and glass heaters from AEG are both stylish and practical. They are suitable as supplementary heating for bathrooms, offices or residential rooms as well as full heating for modern low-energy houses. Choose between different types of stone and colours for the natural stone heater. The natural stone radiators are also available in various sizes and power ratings. You can also choose between different sizes and power ratings for AEG glass heaters.

2. Water heaters

You want to produce hot water independently of the central heating system? Then AEG water heaters are just the thing for you. Whether it's an instantaneous water heater, a hot water tank or a water boiling device - the home technology giant has the right appliance for every need.

Instantaneous water heater

AEG offers instantaneous water heaters for various applications. The more powerful instantaneous water heaters are suitable for several tapping points - they can also be used to supply a shower, for example.

In addition to hydraulic and electronic instantaneous water heaters, AEG also has fully electronic instantaneous water heaters in its range. They are particularly convenient and energy-saving, as several sensors always keep the water at the desired temperature. Fluctuating shower temperatures are a thing of the past.

Small instantaneous water heaters are suitable for just one tapping point in the kitchen or guest toilet. They are usually quite easy to install and connect to a standard socket. The small instantaneous water heaters from AEG are available in open or closed design.

Hot water storage tank

Here in the shop, you can find electronic wall-mounted and small storage tanks from AEG. The wall-mounted storage tanks have a capacity of 50 to 200 litres and are suitable for complete bathrooms with shower and bath.

The AEG small storage tanks are particularly suitable for under-sink installation in the kitchen. Their 5 to 10 litre water capacity is just enough to wash dishes once or fill the cleaning bucket with warm water.

Water boilers

For those who frequently need smaller quantities of boiling water, AEG water boilers are a good choice. Whether tea water or washing up: thanks to continuously adjustable temperature control and a large 5 litre tank, such a device can be used extremely flexibly.

3. Electric underfloor heating

When it comes to electric underfloor heating, the AEG Thermo Boden is certainly the first choice. Choose between different heating capacities as well as different designs such as Comfort Turbo Sets and single mats or Basic Sets and single mats.

No more cold feet when showering: The Thermo Boden Wellness is available especially for wet areas such as walk-in showers. It can also be used to heat relaxation loungers or seating areas.

Perfect supplementary heating

Electric underfloor heating systems such as the AEG Thermo Boden are perfect as supplementary heating - for example in the bathroom, nursery or kitchen. They provide that extra touch of feel-good ambience. In low-energy houses that require little heating energy, they can also be used as a fully-fledged heating system.

The AEG room and floor temperature controllers are also available here in the shop to match the underfloor heating. Thanks to the user-friendly touch screen, they make it child's play to set the temperature of the room and the floor.

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