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Axolight - Italian lighting design at its best

High-quality designer luminaires await you with the Italian manufacturer Axolight. The young company has made a big name for itself in the world of lighting within a very short time. Discover the extensive range here at Reuter.

About Axolight

Axolight is still a fairly young company, founded in 1996 near Venice. In that short time, however, the manufacturer has already made a big name for itself in the world of lighting.

Axolight has always worked with some of the most innovative designers on the international scene. Names such as Timo Ripatti, Rainer Mutsch, Ryosuke Fukusada, Karim Rashid or Dima Loginoff should be mentioned here.

The lights from Axolight cover a wide range of styles and types of luminaire. For example, ceiling and wall lights, pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps. There is a suitable luminaire for every need.

The company tries to make every place where they are used something special with its luminaires. To achieve this, the company uses high-quality materials such as fabrics, silk or even Murano glass. Much of it is still made by hand.

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