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Axor – for a little more luxury

Axor is the design brand of the renowned fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe. Everything here is even more luxurious and high-quality. Axor fittings or accessories are at home in luxurious private bathrooms, in 5-star hotels or on cruise ships. Possibly also in your bathroom soon? Browse through the range.

Axor's range not only includes bathroom and kitchen fittings, but also bathroom accessories, washbasins, baths and beauty mirrors. The freestanding baths from Urquiola and Massaud, for example, are particularly elegant. Equally, luxurious washbasins are also available from the two same series. This allows you to furnish your bathroom in a harmonious design. The selection of Axor bathroom fittings is particularly extensive, and we would like to introduce them to you in more detail below.

Bathroom fittings from Axor in detail

At Reuter you will find approximately 800 versions of Axor bathroom fittings, including everything you need to equip your washbasins, baths, showers or bidets. All fittings impress with great quality and an unusual design - it doesn't get much higher quality. If you want to treat your bathroom to something special, Axor fittings are the right choice for you.

Popular series from Axor

If you prefer absolute purism, then Axor Uno is just the thing for you, as there is hardly any more asceticism. The cylinder is the basic shape around which the whole series revolves. Sometimes two cylinders for a washbasin fitting are placed vertically on top of each other, sometimes one cylinder comes out of the wall for a wall fitting. The only deviation from the straight pipe is found at the spout of some fittings, which is slightly arched. Axor Uno was designed by Phönix Design.

More of the Uno series

Axor Montreux is the collection for all fans of classics. It follows in the tradition of the grand hotels of the early 20th century - packed with the latest fittings technology. For example, the concealed thermostat fittings from the series. The bathroom fittings of the series include washbasin fittings with cross handles or single lever technology, shower systems, shower fittings and bath fittings, bidet fittings, shower sets and hand showers. And all this in chic industrial design. Axor Montreux was visually transformed by Phönix Design.

More of the Montreux series

In his Organic series, Philippe Starck was inspired by nature: A branch and a drop of water. Handles and body merge to a unique design. Innovative operation: water volume and temperature can be regulated separately. The water comes out of the fitting in a jet. This has a particularly positive effect on the basin fittings. They only need 3.5 litres per minute. They were rewarded with the Green Product Design Award.

More of the Starck Organic series

Pure nostalgia: Axor revives the 1920s with the Carlton series. Wild and opulent things were going on in the big cities and especially in the hotels - especially in the legendary Grandhotel Carlton in Cannes. This opulence is reflected in the range of fittings. The lavishly curved forms are characteristic of the fittings - in keeping with the Art Deco tradition. Not only are the washbasin mixers shaped in a retro style, the design language extends into the shower or bath. Are you also getting nostalgic feelings?

More of the Carlton series

What's so special about Axor?

The Axor brand from Hansgrohe stands for absolute luxury in the bathroom and kitchen. But what makes it so special? We have compiled it for you.

1. The appearance

Axor fittings and showers are designed by the best designers in the world. Like Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio or Jean-Marie Massaud. Other well-known names include Barber & Osgerby, Patricia Urquiola and Phoenix Design. As you can see, behind every Axor product there is a well-known name.

Every tap, every shower is not only functionally superb, but is almost an object of art. Sometimes minimalist like Axor Starck, sometimes striking like Axor Cittero or organically flowing like Axor Massaud. Or nostalgic like Axor Carlton or sensual like Axor Urquiola.

2. The quality

Axor fittings score points not only for their design, but also for their inner qualities. The reliable technology performs its service without any problems for many years. In addition, many washbasin or shower fittings are extremely water-saving. Many of the fittings require only five litres of water per minute.

The surfaces are also of high quality. Most fittings are not only available in chrome, but also with other surfaces - such as polished brass or brushed nickel. Axor calls them FinishPlus surfaces. They are much harder than galvanised fittings - and therefore also more durable in terms of their external appearance.

Top Series

 Citterio | Starck Organic | Montreux | Starck

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