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For more than 25 years, Enzo Catellani has surprised us again and again with extraordinary creations that cause a sensation. His lamps, such as the famous "Fil de Fer", "Stchu-Moon" or "Disco" enjoy cult status worldwide. Discover the magical world of Catellani & Smith with Reuter and enchant yourself and your home with incomparably charming luminaires for indoors and outdoors.

About Catellani & Smith

Founded in 1989 in northern Italy, this lighting manufacturer has built up an excellent reputation over the years with its particularly creative and unusual lighting collections.

A distinctive feature of the Catellani & Smith designer luminaires are the lampshades inspired by natural sources, which, mostly made of hand-painted fibreglass, deliberately use irregular shapes and surfaces.

Uniform, smooth surfaces are not a common feature of the designer luminaires. Instead, they feature calculated asymmetries, endearing unevenness or boldly frayed edges.

The designs of the Catellani & Smith luminaires go against the grain in the best sense and set their own trends. The range of these lighting systems is also distinguished by strong contrasts, for example between the colourful, organic designer lamps of the Post Krisi collection and the highly minimalist Parete luminaires, which are hardly more than a thin line.

The company boss as a designer

Enzo Catellani, the founder of the company, is himself the designer of many of the luminaires. For example, he designed the popular Schtu Moon series or the popular Fil de Fer. These are now true classics in the history of lighting. Catellani started out with a small lighting business. His own designs came later.

If you want to know who this "Smith" in the company name is - the answer is surprising. This is one of Catellani's racehorses by the name of Logan Smith. The company founder is therefore not only extremely creative with his lighting designs, but was also creative with the naming of his company.

Tradition paired with modern technology

However, Catellani & Smith does not rely solely on its tradition. The company was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the potential of LED luminaires. LEDs are now permanently installed in a wide range of models.

But even though the technology is modern, a lot is still done by hand at the company. The company is still proud to be a lighting manufacturer. When you look at the hand-made luminaire bodies of the Stchu Moon, you can see that they should be.

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