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With unparalleled clear and intelligent designs, the CINI&NILS luminaires attract admiring glances everywhere. Carefully manufactured from high-quality materials, the representative CINI&NILS lamps radiate pleasant light.


The company CINI&NILS, founded in 1969 by the two Italian designers Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica in Milan, quickly made an excellent name for itself with utilitarian objects in extraordinary design, including cutlery, newspaper racks, ashtrays, bar equipment or salt and pepper shakers. Many of these design classics can be admired at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York.

Today, the company focuses on the designer lighting sector, with Luta Bettonica as art director carrying on the legacy of her father, who died in 1999. CINI&NILS luminaires and lighting solutions are distinguished by the endless creativity and great experience of the designers who set the trends in the field of design.

The range impresses with its clean lines, a well thought-out design concept that is the basis of all luminaires and lighting systems. Based on basic geometric shapes such as cylinders, globes or circles, impressive designer lamps are created using high-quality materials and well thought-out manufacturing processes, which unleash their very special charm as a result of deliberate simplification and restraint.

The outstanding exhibits of the CINI&NILS designer luminaires include the cube-shaped Cuboluce table lamp, the cylindrical lights of the Gradi series or the globe-shaped Convivio pendant light. Exceptions to the concept of clarity and reduction prove the rule, such as the playful Voluta wall light with its gracefully curved lampshade.


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