Clage hot water unit

Clage instantaneous water heaters and hot water tanks

Welcome to the Clage brand page. The renowned manufacturer has instantaneous water heaters and hot water storage tanks for small and large needs in its range. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the products for the kitchen and bathroom.

Clage instantaneous water heaters - that means small instantaneous water heaters for one tapping point and larger instantaneous water heaters for several tapping points. We explain the differences and what you need to look out for when buying.

Small instantaneous water heater for one tapping point

You rarely need warm water and when you do, you don't need it in large quantities: then Clage small instantaneous water heaters are the right choice. But there are differences here too. They are available, for example, with:

  • fixed connection or Schuko plug
  • low-pressure or high-pressure fitting
  • with or without tap
  • with hydraulic or electronic control

Clage small instantaneous water heaters with Schuko plugs are easy to install. Plug it into the socket - that's it. But they are also available with a 400 volt connection. These units must be permanently connected by an electrician.

Important for you to know: do you need a low-pressure fitting for the small instantaneous water heater? Look at the manufacturer's instructions. If you choose the wrong fitting, the appliance may be damaged.

In this case, the Clage small instantaneous water heaters in the set are practical - i.e. the matching fitting is already included. Then nothing can go wrong.

Now you have to choose between hydraulic and electronic control. With electronically controlled ones, the water temperature is more constant, but they are usually also more expensive.

Instantaneous water heaters for multiple tapping points

You need more hot water and you also need it at the shower and washbasin - then Clage instantaneous water heaters are the right choice. Which will you choose?

  • Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater
  • Fully electronically controlled instantaneous water heater

For a Clage instantaneous water heater, you will definitely need a fixed connection with 400 volts. You should only install this kind of device yourself if you are a professional in electrical matters.

Electronic or fully electronic - that is the question here. At first glance, the difference may seem marginal - but it is not.

Fully electronic instantaneous water heaters are particularly energy-efficient and adjust the water temperature especially precisely to suit requirements. And to the exact degree. They are the Ferraris among instantaneous water heaters.

Clage hot water storage tanks - this means either small storage tanks for one tapping point or wall-mounted storage tanks for several tapping points. We would like to briefly introduce you to the differences and what you need to look out for when buying.

Small storage tank for one tapping point

You need hot water regularly but in smaller quantities: then a Clage small storage tank is the right choice. Which will you choose?

  • An under-sink small tank
  • An over-sink small tank

The main place of use for a Clage small storage tank is the kitchen sink, but such a device also provides valuable services in the guest toilet. Whether you mount the hot water tank above or below the washbasin or sink is entirely up to you. And the space available.

All Clage small storage tanks are low-pressure devices. Such unpressurised storage tanks may only be combined with low-pressure fittings, otherwise they will be damaged.

Wall-mounted storage tanks for multiple tapping points

Do you regularly need more hot water because, for example, you want to run a shower in addition to the washbasin? then a Clage wall-mounted storage tank is the right choice.

We have appliances from Clage in our range that can hold up to 120 litres of hot water. It can even be used to fill most baths.

The smaller Clage wall-mounted storage tanks are of course also suitable for one tapping point. For those who still wash their own dishes and do not have a dishwasher, for example, a storage tank with a water capacity of 30 litres could be useful.

About Clage

The brand manufacturer produces and distributes electric water heaters for bathrooms and kitchens. The product range of the manufacturer, which has been active in this market segment since 1956, includes instantaneous water heaters, hot water storage tanks such as the Clage under-sink units or wall-mounted storage tanks.

The company focuses in particular on the high energy efficiency of its products and plumbing products, namely Clage hot water tanks, instantaneous water heaters and water boilers. The manufacturer's point of view:a distributed hot water supply with instantaneous water heaters at each tapping point (bathroom, kitchen, guest toilet, etc.) is more economical and effective than a central provision and supply of hot water.

The reasoning is plausible: an instantaneous water heater provides exactly the required amount of hot water at the desired temperature on demand. In contrast, the central supply from a hot water tank regularly consumes energy - even when no hot water is currently needed.

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