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Conti+ - elegant design meets modern technology

When design and technology are expertly combined, the result is washbasins and fittings from Conti+. Under this name, the HighTech and Iqua brands have joined forces to create even better washroom solutions for public, semi-public and private applications.

About Conti+

As already mentioned at the beginning, the aim of Conti+ is to combine design and technology as well as possible. This works quite well, as shown, for example, by the fittings that were previously sold under the brand name Iqua. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and meet the highest quality requirements - also in terms of water saving. Many of the  basin fittings have already been awarded renowned design prizes.

The Conti+ washbasins, which were once marketed under the name HighTech, are also award-winning. Materials such as glass fibre concrete or stainless steel represent the modern bathroom and a high level of durability. No wonder they are popular in public restrooms. And not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Conti+ places particular emphasis on sustainable production methods. The contactless fittings, for example, consume up to 70 per cent less water. The entire range is also designed for a long service life - which lowers the overall costs over the life of the products. This is a point in terms of sustainability that should not be neglected.

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