Corpotherma infrared heater

Corpotherma infrared heaters

Healthy radiant heat awaits you with Corpotherma infrared heaters. The manufacturer, based in Austria, has radiators made of aluminium, glass or ceramic in its range that heat with infrared rays. In addition, mirror heaters from the manufacturer are available here at Reuter for your bathroom....

About Corpotherma

Corpotherma is a manufacturer of bathroom and designer radiators based in Austria. The company was founded in 1992, the central warehouse and the shipping department are located in Germany, the main sales market.

You can find the manufacturer's infrared heaters here at Reuter. These are perfectly suited as supplementary heaters and can also be installed retroactively without any problems. For example, when renovating or refurbishing. All you need is a power socket and some free wall space.

Some of the infrared heaters are also suitable for ceiling mounting. This is quite practical if there is no free wall space. The radiator then warms your body almost like the sun's rays.

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