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Escale luminaires - light can be so beautiful

Escale is a German manufacturer of high-quality luminaires. The range consists of a colourful mix of designer luminaires for every need and every taste. We hope you enjoy browsing and choosing.

About Escale

Escale is a lighting manufacturer from the small community of Limbach in the Odenwald. The manufacturer was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of Linus Bopp Leuchten GmbH, whose products you can also buy here at Reuter.

The name Escale is derived from "escalate". Which means that the designers were allowed to really let loose right from the get-go. They didn't have to follow any trends with their luminaires and didn't have to meet any particular customer tastes. In the meantime, the company also has more "mass-market" products in its range. But still lamps with that very special kick.

Made in Germany as a sign of quality

Escale luminaires are still produced at the headquarters in Germany. That's the way it should stay. This keeps the channels to customers in the main German-speaking market close. In addition, the aim is to preserve jobs in a sparsely populated area. And last but not least, "Made in Germany" is still a special quality feature.

Up until 1999, the manufacturer still had small pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, coffee tables or accessories in its range. Hence the official company name Escale Möbel + Leuchten GmbH. Today their slogan is: „Ästhetik in Licht und Raum“, meaning "aesthetics in light and space".

Award-winning design

In 2016, two luminaires from the Slimline series received the coveted Red Dot Design Award. The pendant light and table lamp by the designer Mathias Schifferdecker were awarded.

Another formative designer of the manufacturer is Mosru Mohiuddin. It was Mohiuddin, originally born in Bangladesh and raised in England, who came up with the idea for the "escalating" lights in 1988. Today, he still regularly designs luminaires for Escale.

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