GROSSMANN luminaires - exclusive design included

"Made in Germany" is still a very special seal of quality, and GROSSMANN luminaires are proof of this. First-class design, meticulous workmanship and the use of high-quality materials made them popular bestsellers all over the world. Enter the world of GROSSMANN lamps.


GROSSMANN has been active in the lighting market since 1968, first as a supplier of high-quality plastic components, and since the 1980s as a manufacturer of luminaires. The company was also quickly successful in this area, allowing them to concentrate exclusively on luminaire production. Not a bad decision, because today GROSSMANN lamps are sold worldwide.

Part of the success is due to the fact that all luminaires are produced exclusively in Germany. “Made in Germany" still has a good reputation around the world. German products are considered reliable, safe and of high quality. A GROSSMANN luminaire symbolises this - and also an exclusive design. In-house designers make sure that not only the interior but also the exterior values fit.

Since 2011, GROSSMANN has offered the premium brand "Amox" in its product range. The luminaires from this range are particularly exclusive and always setting new trends in luminaire design. Speaking of new trends - the company uses energy-saving LEDs as illuminants in many of its products. This not only makes your wallet happy, but also the environment. Now the only question that remains to be answered is: which GROSSMANN lamp would you like?

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