Grumbach corner blocks for quick on-the-wall installation

You can buy plumbing modules made of rigid PUR foam here in our shop. The Grumbach corner blocks are available for bidets, urinals, toilets and hand washbasins and provide an effective simplification of on-the-wall installation. Thanks to the rigid foam, the installations are extremely low-noise, heat-insulated and protected against condensation. In addition, the elements can be tiled directly.

The corner blocks for toilet, bidet and urinal contain an integrated cistern. All Grumbach products offer all the necessary connections and can be completely tiled. In addition, you will find high-quality mineral material panels in various colours for the cladding of the corner toilet blocks. The corner blocks are particularly suitable for room corners, but also allow diagonal room designs on straight walls.

About Grumbach

Founded in 1936 in Wetzlar as a skilled trade company for plumbing and heating, Grumbach developed into an industrial company for the assembly and development of plumbing products. The company quickly made a name for itself with its own solutions and bathroom products. The family-owned company's own developments in the area of plumbing products include drains for the bathroom, floor-level shower trays, prefabricated baths and showers, and pipe connectors.

In our Grumbach Shop, you can obtain high-quality plumbing modules from the manufacturer made of PUR rigid foam for on-the-wall installation in the bathroom furnishings section. The practical corner blocks for toilet, bidet, urinal and hand washbasin are one of the manufacturer's developments. As a completely tileable prefabricated solution, Grumbach plumbing modules facilitate bathroom installations in no time at all - fast, flexible and simple.

The corner blocks can be combined in any way to install the plumbing elements in the desired arrangement. With these sophisticated plumbing products, you can easily create bathroom installations with a toilet, bidet, urinal and washbasin, for example in a row, around a corner or offset opposite each other.

The corner blocks for plumbing installation made of polyurethane integral rigid foam (PUR), which you can order and buy here in the Grumbach online shop, impress with their outstanding features. Well insulated against noise and condensation, perfectly thermally insulated - a Grumbach corner block is a durable and high-quality solution for on-the-wall installation.

The well thought-out design and superior manufacturing quality of Grumbach bathroom products and plumbing blocks ensure that you will enjoy these installation elements for drywall construction for a long time to come. The high-quality Grumbach bathroom products and plumbing items are available here in the online shop.

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