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Icone design lamps - magically Italian!

Do you like Italy and love stylish luminaires? May we present: ICONE Luce. Stylish eye candy in metal, fabric, glass and light that have come to magically make your home brighter and more personal. Let yourself be enchanted by unique design lamps from Italy's creative north and discover the diversity of ICONE here at REUTER!


The ICONE Luce brand has its origins in the traditional Minitallux company. A manufacturer that has been known for its creative range of high-quality chandeliers for more than 30 years. Also located in Brembate, Minitallux operates a large production facility there on a site of more than 10,000 square metres.

ICONE pays special attention to the conservation of energy and materials in its design lamps. Even during the production of each lamp, the manufacturer pays scrupulous attention to using resources responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way. Later, when they reach the customer, the designer luminaires shine not only as a feast for the eyes but also as real energy savers - above all, of course, the LED lights.

The manufacturer describes its luminaires as art and designer objects that adorn the interiors of the most beautiful homes in Italy and the world. This fits in with the high goals that ICONE sets itself - the lamps should simply enhance the environment with their design and the materials used. That actually works quite well, we think.

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