Reginox stainless steel sink

Reginox kitchen sinks and fittings

Sinks made of stainless steel are Reginox's main business - here the Dutch manufacturer is one of the market leaders. The range also includes kitchen fittings, granite sinks and various accessories. We hope you enjoy choosing.

About Reginox

Reginox has been part of the Dutch Ter Steege Group since 1976 and has its German branch in Iserlohn. The head office and production site is in Rijssen in the province of Overijsel in the east of the Netherlands.

Reginox is a leader in stainless steel sinks - in addition to Europe, China and Singapore are also among the sales countries. The manufacturer's range includes high-quality sinks in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

Sinks for every need

Whether it's a drop-in sink or a flush-mounted sink, a rectangular or a horizontal sink - Reginox has the right sink for every need in its range. In addition to first-class quality, the company always looks at aesthetics. Design and functionality enjoy the same significance.

In production, Reginox is very conscious of ensuring that everything is done in harmony with the environment. For example, the stainless steel used consists of 70 to 80 percent recycled steel. The vast majority of steel residues left over from the production process are recycled.

In addition to stainless steel sinks, granite sinks and Reginox fittings are also available here at Reuter. You can also count on these products being of the highest quality and visually enhancing any kitchen.

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