Rieber kitchen sinks - wash up like the professionals do

Rieber is one of the leading suppliers of kitchen technology for professional kitchens. In addition, the company also has sinks for the private sector in its range. Explore the high-quality and functional sinks of the Reutlingen-based company here at Reuter.

About Rieber

Numerous professionals in restaurants, clinics, canteens or hotels swear by kitchen technology from Rieber. The company offers everything that is needed in the professional kitchen - from the correct storage of fresh ingredients, to the preparation at the sink, to the transport or serving of the prepared food.

For the private sector, Rieber has stainless steel or steel enamel sinks in its range. The sinks are available in various widths with or without a draining board. In addition to rectangular sinks, there are also round sinks.

The company has already won numerous design awards for its products. However, the design never focuses solely on itself; the functionality of the sinks and kitchen technology always comes first. This is particularly important in kitchens.

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