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Fresh water, perfectly suited to your taste, right from the tap - it's so easy! Do you prefer your water still or sparkling? Or perhaps you prefer slightly sparkling? With GROHE Blue®, you always have the choice. The water is free from all impurities and prepared to your taste: chilled and with a little, a lot or even without carbonic-acid.

Grohe Blue

With GROHE Blue®, your tap water is filtered and chilled so that it tastes as though it's fresh from a mountain spring. The temperature and amount of normal tap water are regulated as usual using the lever on the right side of the GROHE Blue®, while the left rotary knob regulates the carbonic-acid content of the filtered and chilled water - from still to sparkling.

  • filtered and chilled water
  • water selection: still, slightly sparkling or sparkling

GROHE Blue® Pure is the alternative solution for people who prefer the natural enjoyment of still water. It frees the tap water of all substances that can spoil the taste - with separate waterways for filtered and unfiltered water. It delivers a pure, refreshing taste experience with no aftertaste from heavy metals, limescale or chlorine!

  • filtered, unchilled water
  • water selection: still

Grohe Blue Mono

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of GROHE Blue® without having to give up your tried-and-tested kitchen fitting? We have another solution for you: GROHE Blue® Mono. The Mono pillar tap can be simply installed on your worktop in harmony with your existing kitchen fitting. Treat yourself to the refreshing taste of pure water directly from the tap!

  • separate complement to kitchen fitting
  • filtered and chilled water
  • water selection: still, slightly sparkling or sparkling


GROHE Red® provides boiling hot water straight from the fitting. This not only saves time when cooking food and preparing hot drinks - also when blanching vegetables, sterilising containers and thorough cleaning of greasy pots and pans. Unlike kettles, which also take up space on the kitchen counter, you only use as much water as you need. The 4 and 8 litre GROHE Red® boilers are made of titanium - a material that is know for its biocompatibility, taste neutrality and its resistance to corrosion and limescale. All GROHE Red® fittings are safe for children to use with the ChildLock handle and are also protected from excessively high temperatures by the GROHE CoolTouch technology. The quick installation system also means even laymen can confidently choose this kitchen convenience.

The water is boiling!

Demand more from your kitchen fitting than just cold or hot water. GROHE Red® provides 100°C boiling water directly from the tap without having to wait. GROHE Red® is available in three versions: the larger "Duo" model replaces the standard fitting, because it can provide both mixed and boiling water.

GROHE ChildLock

ChildLock does not completely rule out the possibility of scalding from 100°C hot water, but it does make it practically impossible: for the boiling water to flow, you need to first pull and then turn the left handle. The child safety of the fitting has been independently tested and certified. This means you can enjoy the benefits of the innovative fitting with peace of mind.

GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch® technology insulates the tap so well that you can touch it without any risk at all. Even for those little fingers that sometimes touch things they shouldn't. This technology is a solution to childhood curiosity and grown-up absent mindedness. Pure peace of mind!

GROHE RED - instant boiling water straight from your fitting

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