In this section we explain the terms you will often find in connection with the products in our shop.

  • Acrylic baths/Acrylic shower trays

    Acrylic baths and shower trays are impact and shock resistant. These are also lighter than steel baths and shower trays.

    Acrylic baths and shower trays are available in many different designs. This material also allows many colours and shapes. Acrylic baths and shower trays are dyed through, so lacquer does not flake off and are easy to clean.

  • ActiveShield (Laufen)

    ActiveShield is an antibacterial surface of the toilet seats from the manufacturer Laufen. This prevents the formation and bacteria and germs.

    ActiveShield is characterised by special antibodies in the plastic that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and help to ensure a special level of hygiene. ActiveShield is skin-friendly, odourless and has no effect on the hardness or colour of the toilet seat.

  • Adjustment range

    Manufacturers specify an "adjustment range" for their shower enclosures, in which an element can be moved in order to be able to install it precisely.

    When measuring a shower enclosure, irregularities can occur, the floor covering and the size of the shower area are very individual. These irregularities can be compensated with the adjustment range as far as possible.

  • Aerator

    Water is mixed with air in an aerator located at the spout of the fitting.

    The addition of air results in an even spray pattern, the water flow is reduced and water is saved.

  • Aluminium

    Aluminum is a lightweight and durable metal with a silver-grey appearance. You will find this at many locations in the bathroom.

    It is often used in shower enclosures as a guide rail for the glass elements. Also mirror cabinets or bathroom furniture are decorated with aluminum strips. The surfaces are often anodised - also refined - to get a nice, easy-care shine. It can be soldered, riveted and glued, but welding is more difficult.

  • Anodised

    Anodising gives the aluminium surface a particularly hard, scratch-resistant seal and provides greater protection against corrosion.

    Dyes can also be used for anodising, so that the aluminium bodies have red or blue surfaces, for example.

  • Angle valve

    An angle valve is required for connecting a basin or kitchen mixer. This allows the flow of water to be opened or closed.

    The two openings of the angle valve are at right angles to each other, so the water is literally passed around "the angle". A separate angle valve is required for the cold and hot water supply. If you close the angle valves, the water supply is completely stopped.

  • AntiBac (Villeroy & Boch)

    An antibacterial surface that reduces the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9%.

    AntiBac describes an antibacterial treatment of, for example, toilet seats or toilet flush plates, which effectively prevents the growth of bacteria with the help of silver ions in the glaze.

  • Anti-limescale function

    Prevents limescale deposits from settling on fittings.

    An anti-limescale function can be seen, for example, in the form of a coating that makes it more difficult for limescale to adhere to fittings, thus preventing constant deposits and making cleaning easier for you.

  • Anti-Plaque (Hüppe)

    Anti-Plaque is a glass treatment from Hüppe that actively prevents dirt and limescale deposits.

    This special finish allows water and dirt to simply roll off, which prevents limescale and dirt deposits from settling on the surface. Any remaining contamination can be removed without the use of abrasive cleaning agents and with minimal effort.

  • Anti-slip systems

    Ensures safe standing on shower trays, even if shower gel or shampoo gets on the surface.

    These prevent slipping in the shower e.g. with a quartz-sand mixture, which is burned into the enamelled surface. Depending on the design, the shower trays are either completely or only partially provided with it.

  • AquaBlade® (Ideal Standard)

    Innovative water flow and a glazed rinsing channel ensure a perfectly hygienic flushing result.

    Special toilets from the manufacturer Ideal Standard have a specially glazed flush channel, which is complemented by an exceptionally thorough water flow, this guarantees a perfect flush result.

  • Aqua Ceramics (Grohe)

    A dirt-repellent ceramic surface, which is used in shower toilets of the manufacturer Grohe.

    Aqua Ceramics facilitates the cleaning of ceramics. Thanks to the dirt-repellent properties, impurities can not settle permanently.

  • AquaGuide® (Grohe)

    AquaGuide is the name given to an aerator integrated into the outlet of Grohe fittings.

    The outgoing water is mixed with air at the outlet, this provides a flat jet pattern and additionally saves water. The aerator can be adjusted by 10° in any direction.

  • Aqua Paddle (Grohe)

    Describes a particularly ergonomic shape of Grohe handles.

    Aqua Paddle makes the handling of Grohe fittings particularly pleasant, the handles are easy to operate and offer special comfort.

  • AquaReduct® (Villeroy & Boch)

    A water-saving innovation from Villeroy & Boch for toilets.

    The flush water volume of a toilet equipped with AquaReduct is only 3 litres when activating a small flush button and 4.5 litres with a large flush button. This is economical and sustainable.

  • Automatic lowering mechanism

    The automatic lowering mechanism prevents the toilet seat from falling down quickly and lowers gently back to the toilet.

    In most cases, a slight touch with the tip of your finger is all it takes for the lid of the toilet seat to slowly close by itself. There is no "slamming" of the lid anymore, children can no longer trap their fingers.

  • Backwater level

    A backwater level describes the highest possible level to which water may rise or accumulate during heavy rainfall.

    A backlog of water from the public sewer system back into a building can occur during heavy rainfall or floods. To prevent the backwater from infiltrating, toilets or showers must be secured below a specified backwater level. This can take the form of lifting units or backflow flaps.

  • Bath screen

    This serves as a privacy and splash guard and can be made of plastic or glass.

    Similar to shower enclosures, some variants are permanently installed, others can be folded to the side into individual elements. In either case, bath screens should form a tight seal to the bath so that no water can flow out.

  • Barrier-free bathroom

    A bathroom that can easily be accessed by a wheelchair and provides plenty of space for movement and easy access. Here, washing facilities such as the shower tray are at floor level and washbasins can be adjusted downwards without any problems.

    A barrier-free planned and furnished bathroom also allows people with disabilities to use it as independently as possible. These include floor-level shower trays, shower seats, grab rails in the shower, bath and by the toilet, a non-slip surface, toilets with a raised seating position, adjustable washbasins and wide doorways.

  • Bar Stools v. Counter Stools

    You typically use for a bar a bar stool, which corresponds to the correct seat height of your bar. Depending on the size, a counter stool offers a suitable seat for modern kitchens with lower counters and islands.

    In our shop, we distinguish between bar and counter stools in the category stools and benches. Please measure your perfect seat height individually and decide on a bar or counter stool.

  • Bataform® (Globo)

    An antibacterial, ceramic surface from the manufacturer Globo.

  • Bath panel

    The visible side coverings of baths are called bath panels. They can be made of wood, steel or sanitary acrylic.

  • Bath/Shower tray anchor

    Bath/shower tray anchors are used for fixing and stabilising shower trays and baths.

    The anchors are screwed to the wall below the edge of the bath/shower tray. The anchor then pushes the bath/shower tray against the wall and provides support.

  • Bath/Shower tray legs

    Minor imperfections and differences in floor height can be compensated by bath/shower tray legs.

    Bath/shower tray legs are fixed underneath the bath or shower tray. They are individually height adjustable and can therefore be precisely tailored to the conditions of the floor.

  • Bath/Shower tray support

    Bath/shower tray supports act as sound and heat insulation and allow quick installation of the shower or bath.

    These are moulds made of hard foam, into which the shower tray or bath is inserted. Tiles can be applied to the bath/shower tray support. No additional legs or anchors are required when using a bath/shower tray support.

  • BetteEchtGlas® Plus (Bette)

    BetteEchtGlas Plus is a limescale- and dirt-repellent surface of all Bette shower enclosures, which significantly makes cleaning significantly easier.

  • BetteGlaze® Plus (Bette)

    A thin coating on the surface of the steel enamel. It is water-repellent, maintains its shine and facilitates care.

    The manufacturer Bette also offers its enamelled steel showers and baths with a special surface finish - with BetteGlaze Plus. The water-repellent effect ensures that bacteria, soap residues or small dirt particles can hardly accumulate. Sharp cleaning agents are no longer necessary.

  • Bidet

    This is a low basin for intimate hygiene.

    Meanwhile, bidets are also used more often for foot care. A bidet can in many cases be designed in the shape and appearance of a toilet. Suitable fittings are also available for bidets.

  • Body spray

    Body sprays shower the upper body from the side.

    Body sprays can be found in complete shower systems and in combination with overhead and hand showers. Body sprays are available as rotating versions and with different spray modes.

  • Carbonator

    A carbonator can be found in modern kitchen fittings. It adds carbon dioxide to tap water, which carbonates it.

  • CareTec (Duscholux)

    The manufacturer Duscholux treats its shower enclosures with the dirt-repellent CareTec finish.

    The special surface treatment of the toughened safety glass is applied to the shower panel glass using nanotechnology. As a result, the water simply rolls off, dirt residues cannot permanently settle and cleaning is made much easier.

  • Cartridge

    A cartridge is located in a single lever fitting. It opens, closes and mixes water depending on how the lever is operated.

  • Casambi

    Casambi is a smart home technology with which lights and buttons can be networked with each other.

    Existing luminaires can be retrofitted with a suitable Casambi module for smart home use. Casambi works wirelessly via Bluetooth, can be used immediately and requires no home-based remodelling. This means it is easily removed and installed again when moving home. The luminaires are controlled, for example, via a corresponding smartphone app or an existing light switch, which is converted to a dimmer by automatically using the Casambi smart technology.

  • Cascade flow

    A cascade flow has a high water output and a wide jet that emerges like a waterfall.

    Cascade flows are often used in saunas and can also be found as a component of versatile shower systems in the private sector.

  • Cast aluminium

    Cast aluminium is a mixture of several aluminium alloys to strengthen or harden another material.

    In the case of aluminium casting, further components are added to the molten and liquid aluminium in order to specifically influence certain properties, such as hardness. These enclosed elements may e.g. be copper or magnesium.

  • CE marking

    With the CE marking, the manufacturer or distributor of a product declares that the product complies with the directives applicable in the European Union and is therefore safe.

    The CE marking is not a test mark, but a marking that the manufacturer applies at his own discretion. In this way, the manufacturer confirms that the minimum legal requirements have been met and that he has carried out all the prescribed conformity assessment procedures. These may include a hazard analysis, a risk assessment and a review of conformity to standards. Different directives apply for specific products. The marking must be applied if the product is subject to a directive that provides for CE marking and the product is to be sold in the EU.

  • Central connection

    A central connection is a radiator connection located centrally under a radiator. The connection has a centre distance of 50 mm.

  • Centre distance

    The distance between the centres of the cold and hot water connections is referred to as the centre distance.

    As a rule, the centre distance is 15.25 centimetres in Germany and 15.3 centimetres in Switzerland, for example.

  • Cerafine (VitrA)

    Cerafine is a ceramic from the manufacturer VitrA that is particularly thin-walled and yet impact-resistant.

    The robust Cerafine ceramic consists of clay with a high particle density, making it particularly durable and thin-walled. This makes it possible to create particularly slender and defined shapes during the manufacturing process.

  • CeramicPlus (Villeroy & Boch)

    This is a coating of the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch for ceramics, which is water and dirt repellent.

    Aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents are no longer necessary to clean the ceramic. According to the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch, CeramicPlus is also resistant to medical and cosmetic products.

  • Ceramilux (antoniolupi)

    Ceramilux is a mineral material used by Antoniolupi, amongst others.

    The material consists of natural minerals and polyester resin. A surface of polyester acrylate makes the material resistant. Ceramilux is available with a matt or glossy surface. If necessary, scratches in Ceramilux can be repaired by polishing.

  • CeraSlide® (Globo)

    Ceramics from the manufacturer Globo convince with a dirt-repellent glaze, which makes cleaning easier.

  • Chrome

    Is a corrosion and tarnish-resistant metal, which is often used as a surface refinement in the bathroom and kitchen due to its shiny appearance.

    Fittings and accessories in particular are chrome-plated. The surface is durable and easy to clean. Plastic or brass, for example, can be used as a base for chrome plating.

  • CleanCoat (Laufen)

    This surface for ceramics from the manufacturer Laufen is dirt-repellent. This makes cleaning easier for you.

    Ceramics coated with this surface allow dirt and residues to roll off and do not allow them to set permanently.

  • CleanPlus (Keuco)

    Ceramics from the manufacturer Keuco are provided with the dirt-repellent surface CleanPlus, which facilitates cleaning.

  • Click-Clack-System

    A waste system conveniently opens and closes the bath or washbasin.

    The click-clack system convinces with innovative technology and makes the opening (click) and closing (clack) of washbasins and baths particularly comfortable.

  • Clou-System (Geberit, Keramag, Kaldewei, Burgbad, Keuco)

    This system prevents a bath or washbasin that does not have an overflow from flowing over.

    There is a minimal gap between the drain cover and the bath, which directs the inflowing water into a vertical pipe system in the side wall of the bath. Parallel to the water level in the bath, the water in these pipes also rises. When a certain level of water is reached, the water flows over into another pipe, which is connected to the drain. This prevents the bath from overflowing.

  • Combination bath

    A combination bath is a combination of a bath and a shower in one element.

    The bath is compact and is particularly suitable for small bathrooms. It can have a larger shape at one end, which is the space for the shower.

  • Concealed fitting

    A concealed fitting is an installation unit that mixes hot and cold water in a shower or bath.

    This installation unit is installed in the wall, i.e. concealed. Only the control element remains visible, on which the desired temperature of the water can be adjusted.

  • Connection type

    Describes the installation arrangement of radiator tubes, e.g. side, top, bottom or in the centre of the body.

    The installation of radiators is referred to as the connection type. There are various ways of connecting the flow and return pipes to a radiator e.g. side, top, bottom or also the centre. The type of connection used depends, for example, on the size of the radiator or whether existing pipes are to be used. For a new installation today, a common connection method is the centre connection, as installation is simple and saves time.

  • CoolBody (Ideal Standard)

    The CoolBody function from the manufacturer Ideal Standard protects you from burns when touching the thermostat.

    The thermostats are equipped with a safety housing inside, which ensures that the thermostat always remains cool on the outside and does not heat up due to the heat of the water. This allows you to touch the thermostat at any time and protects you from scalding.

  • Cool Start (Hansgrohe)

    Function by the manufacturer Hansgrohe, which ensures reduced hot water consumption for washbasin fittings.

    A fitting equipped with Cool Start requires cold water instead of the usual lukewarm water when the lever of the fitting is in the middle position. This in the long term, saves money. This function is also known as "cold centre position".

  • CoolTouch® (Grohe)

    A safety function in thermostats from Grohe, which protects against burns when touched.

    CoolTouch thermostats always stay cool, even when hot water flows through them for a long time. So you can touch the fitting even after a long shower and are always protected against scalding.

  • Corian® (DuPont)

    Corian is the brand name of a mineral material manufactured by DuPont and used by Antoniolupi, Boffi and Giese, among others.

    Corian is available in different colours and looks similar to marble. The material is impact, scratch and wear resistant, non-porous and can be repaired if necessary.

  • Corner entry

    A corner entry is when entering the shower from a corner, a curve in a quadrant or the diagonal in a pentagonal model.

    For corner entry, the shower doors are either turned to the sides or pushed.

  • Counter Stools v. Bar Stools

    You typically use for a bar a bar stool, which corresponds to the correct seat height of your bar. Depending on the size, a counter stool offers a suitable seat for modern kitchens with lower counters and islands.

    In our shop, we distinguish between bar and counter stools in the category stools and benches. Please measure your perfect seat height individually and decide on a bar or counter stool.

  • Cristalmood (Antoniolupi)

    Cristalmood is a material from the manufacturer Antoniolupi.

    The transparent material consists of dyed synthetic resin and has a glossy surface. The production of an object made of Cristalmood requires a high percentage of craftsmanship, so each piece is unique.

  • Cristalplant

    Cristalplant is a mineral material from an Italian manufacturer used by Antoniolupi, Boffi and Cosmic, among others.

    The material has a matt surface and is hygienic, recyclable, UV-resistant, fireproof and can be repaired if necessary.

  • Cross handle

    A cross handle can be found on fittings with a nostalgic look. It consists of four fine bars, which are assembled into one handle.

  • 1-10V dimming system

    The 5-wire 1-10V dimming system offers the option of switching and dimming luminaires in the same way.

    Switching and dimming usually takes place via house-mounted light switches or rotary dimmers in the wall. Luminaires can be switched or dimmed simultaneously but not individually. Important: The installation of a 1-10V dimming system should be done by an electrician.

  • DALI

    The DALI 5-wire dimming system, short for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", is a smart home technology that can be used to network luminaires.

    The DALI system controls the lights in your home, lets you turn them on and off or dim them. It can also be integrated into a KNX bus system for controlling other components of the building technology. DALI allows you to control up to 64 compatible luminaires, individually or in groups. Important: The installation of a DALI dimming system should be done by an electrician.

  • Diamatec (Ideal Standard)

    The ceramic items of the Ipahlyss series from the manufacturer Ideal Standard are made of Diamatec and are distinguished by their impact resistance.

    Selected washbasins from the manufacturer Ideal Standard are made of the material Diamatec, which is particularly thin-walled and smooth. A combination of finely ground aluminium oxide, clays, sodium and potassium make it particularly impact-resistant, robust and as hard as crystal.

  • Deck-mounted bath fitting

    Deck-mounted bath fittings are installed in the rim of a bath.

    These fittings are designed for baths with a wide rim. They can be mounted in such a way that, for example, only the spout, the handles and the hand shower are visible. Deck-mounted bath fittings are available as 3, 4 or 5 hole fittings.

  • Dimmer/dim/dimmable

    Dimming is the regulation of brightness. This saves energy when using the lights in your home.

  • DIN

    DIN is the abbreviation for "Deutsches Institut für Normung".

    A DIN standard is developed by a working committee of the German Institute for Standardisation. Here, general standards for products and processes are set.

  • DirectFlush (Villeroy & Boch)

    A special water supply system from the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch, which ensures comprehensive cleaning of the toilet.

    Toilets with DirectFlush have no flushing rims and can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly thanks to the design. The complete inner bowl is rinsed precisely and splash-free during each flush.

  • District heating

    When using district heating, hot water is obtained from an external producer, such as a biogas plant or industrial waste heat. It is then transferred to the private heating system with a heat exchanger.

  • Door hinge

    The door hinge indicates on which side of a piece of a furniture a door is fastened.

  • Dual flush system

    Dual flushing is controlled by the flush plate. A small or large amount of water can be released.

  • Double swivel spout

    Refers to a spout that can be swivelled in both vertical and horizontal axes.

  • DripStop (Grohe)

    Hand showers with DripStop minimise dripping after shutting off the fitting.

    A hand shower usually drips after a fitting is closed. This can quickly lead to limescale deposits. Grohe has developed the DripStop function for this purpose, which reduces dripping to a minimum.

  • DropStop (Grohe)

    Prevents annoying dripping from Grohe overhead showers.

    The shower head is designed especially flat, so that after the shower water has been switched off, not much water remains in the shower head and therefore cannot drip.

  • DreamSpray (Grohe)

    Many Grohe showers convince with DreamSpray technology, in which the shower water is distributed particularly evenly to all active nozzles.

    The fine technology inside the overhead and hand shower ensures even distribution of the water so that the spray pattern is particularly even.

  • DuraCeram® (Duravit)

    Ceramics made of DuraCeram are distinguished by their special impact resistance.

  • DuraSolid® A (Duravit)

    DuraSolid A is a mineral cast with a matt and soft surface.

    Duravit baths and shower trays are manufactured in a special casting process, resulting in a wide variety of shapes. This results in flowing bodies without visible joints and seams.

  • DuraSolid® Q (Duravit)

    DuraSolid Q is a mineral cast with an impressive anti-slip property that can hardly be distinguished from real stone.

    The manufacturer Duravit developed the material and uses it primarily for the production of shower trays. The material looks and feels like stone. The shower trays are dyed through and therefore available in different colours. The surface shimmers matt.

  • Duroplast

    Duroplast is a plastic which is particularly light and no longer deformable after curing.

    Duroplast is among the oldest plastics available. In a chemical reaction, they cure to such an extent that they are given a high mechanical strength. They are therefore no longer malleable due to heat or other influences. They are often found in the household in the bathroom or kitchen area.

  • DVGW

    DVGW is the abbreviation for "Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfachs" (German association for gas and water).

    The task of the DVGW is, among other things, to establish a technical code of practice as the basis for all activities in the gas and water industry and to work on DIN, EN and ISO standards. The certification of products, especially those connected to drinking water installations, is also one of its tasks. DVGW certification is considered proof of compliance with the recognised rules of technology.

  • Easy-clean finish (Kaldewei)

    Easy-clean finish is a steel enamel coating from Kaldewei that is water-repellent and makes cleaning easier.

  • EasyProtect (Hüppe)

    EasyProtect is a large-area, almost invisible anti-slip coating on Hüppe shower trays.

    EasyProtect ensures greater safety in the shower area - the anti-slip properties meet various requirements and comply with DIN 51130 and DIN 51097 standards.

  • EcoButton (Grohe)

    Indicates a button on selected Grohe thermostats that reduces water consumption by 50% when actuated.

  • EcoJoy® (Grohe)

    This function reduces water consumption and saves valuable resources.

    The manufacturer Grohe equips showers and washbasin fittings with this function. This combines shower enjoyment and a full spray beam with cost-effectiveness.

  • EcoSmart (Hansgrohe)

    This function for fittings is water-saving, which saves the environment and your budget.

    The manufacturer Hansgrohe uses EcoSmart technology for showers and washbasin fittings. You are able to save water while enjoying an even spray pattern.

  • Electric bathroom radiators/Electric Radiators

    An electric bathroom radiator/electric radiator has an electric heating rod at the bottom, which heats the radiator for an adjustable time.

    An electric bathroom radiator, also known as a towel radiator, and electric radiators are not connected to the central heating system, but have a heating cartridge (electric heating element) below the radiator. It can be switched on manually or equipped with a timer or a thermostat, depending on the version.

  • Electrical underfloor heating (Thermo floor)

    Electric underfloor heating consists of sheathed copper wires that are installed under the floor covering.

    These generate heat as soon as electricity flows through. Electric underfloor heating is ideal for retrofitting in the bathroom, as it is easy to  install directly under the tiles. The electric underfloor heating can also be laid under natural stone, parquet or laminate. It can also be used in wet areas or for seating areas in wellness areas.
    The electric underfloor heating is controlled by a temperature controller and an additonal time switch.

  • Electronic ballast

    An electronic ballasts regulates the electricity. It is mandatory for using fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.

    The electronic ballast ensures that the current flowing through the lamp is limited. Without an electronic ballast, the lamp could explode or the fuse would blow. An electronic ballast can be installed separately or integrated into the lamp (energy-saving lamps).

  • Electronic fitting/Electric fitting

    An electronic fitting / electric fitting is contactless. Sensors detect when hands are moved under the fitting to start the flow of water.

    The temperature of the water is set during installation. Electronic fittings require a connection to the mains or to a corresponding battery. The non-contact technology has two advantages: it saves water and energy because it only flows when it is really needed and then automatically stops after a few seconds. It also contributes to hygiene and prevents infections.

  • Electronically controlled (instantaneous water heater)

    An electronically controlled instantaneous water heater determines the required heating capacity via two sensors for inlet temperature and flow rate.

    Electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters offer simple hot water comfort. They match the supply temperature and the set temperature and adjust the heating capacity based on fixed programmed values.

    Alternatives are hydraulically controlled, electronically regulated or fully electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters.

  • Electronically regulated (instantaneous water heater)

    An electronically regulated instantaneous water heater determines the required heating capacity via three sensors for supply temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate.

    Electronically regulated instantaneous water heaters offer a high level of hot water comfort with a constant water temperature that can be set almost down to the degree. The outlet temperature sensor allows the set outlet temperature to be monitored and the heating capacity to be adjusted accordingly.

    Alternatives are hydraulically controlled, electronically controlled or fully electronically regulated instantaneous water heaters.

  • EnEV (Energieeinsparverordnung (Energy Saving Ordinance))

    EnEV is the abbreviation for "Energieeinsparverordnung" which is the German Energy Saving Ordinance. It defines standards for the insulation and quality of the system technology as well as the outer shell of the building.

    The EnEV has been in force since February 2002 and applies to new and existing residential buildings. The aim is to reduce energy consumption.

  • Entry

    Entry means the opening or the entrance to a shower.

    The shower can be accessed from the corner, a curve or an incline, from the front or from the side. If the shower is surrounded on three sides by solid walls and a door represents the fourth "wall", one speaks of a recess entry. Another possibility are so-called walk-in solutions: a glass partition wall is placed parallel to an existing wall, the shower can then be accessed from both sides.

  • Escutcheon

    An escutcheon is a covering that hides the transition between the opening to the pipe installation in the wall and the fitting.

  • EverClean (Hoesch)

    Hoesch glass shower enclosures are equipped with a dirt-repellent EverClean surface, which prevents dirt contamination and ensures greater cleaning convenience.

    Thanks to EverClean, the glass surface is so smooth that water and limescale stains can no longer adhere and simply roll off. This means easier cleaning and a reduced use of cleaning agents.

  • EWL (European Water Label)

    EWL is the abbreviation for "European Water Label". Products with this label are characterised by low water and energy consumption, thanks to innovative technologies.

  • Exposed fitting, also: exposed mixer

    An exposed fitting is mounted in front of the wall, e.g. in a shower or bath. Body, handles and water outlet are completely visible.

    In the exposed fitting, cold and warm water are mixed "in front of the wall", i.e. visibly. The advantage is that such a fitting can be easily replaced if it no longer functions or no longer pleases. Exposed fittings are generally cheaper than concealed fittings.

  • FeatherControl (Grohe)

    Describes the characteristic of selected Grohe fittings, which makes the lever particularly easy to operate.

  • FinishPlus (Hansgrohe)

    Hansgrohe fittings with a FinishPlus surface are distinguished by effective colour accents.

    The FinishPlus surface designs impress with special metallic and matt effects that are suitable for individual bathroom design.

  • Fitting, also: mixer

    Depending on the design, a fitting dispenses cold or mixes hot and cold water as required and fills the basin via a spout.

    A distinction is made between single lever, two handle and thermostatic fittings. In addition, a distinction is also made between exposed and concealed fittings. The exposed fitting mixes cold and hot water in front of the wall, while the concealed fitting has a special installation that mixes the water in the background, i.e. in the wall / under the plaster. Fittings are needed for sinks, washbasins, showers, baths and bidets.

  • Floorstanding fitting/mixer

    Floorstanding fittings are mounted free-standing, e.g. next to a free-standing bath on the floor.

    This type of fitting is supplied with water connections from below.

  • Flow limiter

    Flow limiters can be found in hand and overhead showers and regulate the amount of water used.

    Showers with these features are easy on the environment and on your budget, as the amount of water used is pre-set and consumption can thus always be controlled. Of course, the showers are designed to still deliver a perfect spray pattern.

  • Flow stabiliser

    A flow stabiliser reduces the water consumption of showers by up to 50%.

    If showers are equipped with this function, water consumption is regulated and the amount of energy required to heat the water is also saved. Shower heads with flow stabilisers are sustainable and economical.

  • Flumood® (Antoniolupi)

    Flumood is a mineral material from the manufacturer Antoniolupi, which enables slimline designs.

    Flumood is available with a silky matt or structured surface, which visually resemble natural stone slabs. If necessary, stubborn stains and scratches in the material can be repaired with sanding.

  • Flush plate/Actuation plate

    The flushing of the toilet is triggered and, if necessary, stopped again via the flush plate.

    Flush plates can have one or two buttons and can be operated from the front or top: in the version with two buttons, the large button triggers the large flush volume, the small button triggers the small flush volume. If only one button is pressed, a previously defined amount of water is flushed or the water flow is stopped by pressing the button again.

  • Flushometer

    Flushometers take the water directly from the supply line to flush the toilet bowl.

    In contrast to the cistern, in which the water is first collected, the water is directly and readily available. This means that several flushing processes can be carried out immediately one after the other.

  • Freestanding fittings

    Freestanding fittings are located behind or next to a washbasin or a bath. This type of fitting is supplied with water connections from below.

  • Fully electronically regulated (instantaneous water heater)

    A fully electronically regulated instantaneous water heater determines the required heat output via three sensors for inlet temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate. In addition, the flow rate can be adjusted.

    Fully electronically regulated instantaneous water heaters offer optimum hot water comfort with a constant water temperature that can always be set to the exact degree. If required, the flow rate can be reduced. In this way, the set water temperature can be maintained when the maximum unit output is reached.

    Alternatives are hydraulically controlled, electronically controlled or electronically regulated instantaneous water heaters.

  • Gelcoat

    A high-quality, abrasion-resistant and colourfast surface finish, which is used especially for baths.

  • GlasPlus (Koralle)

    The manufacturer Koralle treats its shower enclosures with the dirt-repellent GlasPlus surface.

    Thanks to GlasPlus, water drops, traces of dirt and limescale as well as soap residues cannot settle permanently on the shower enclosure. This makes cleaning considerably easier and abrasive cleaning agents are no longer necessary.

  • Glass coating/Glass finish

    A glass coating/glass finish ensures that glass surfaces are easy to clean and water-repellent.

    Glass surfaces/glass finishes in the bathroom, e.g. in shower enclosures, today are usually provided with special coatings that can bead off the water and are therefore easy to maintain.

  • Globotin

    Globotin is a ceramic material from the manufacturer Globo. The robust material enables particularly slender designs.

  • Glycol

    Glycol is a heat transfer fluid that is frost-proof and used in electric bathroom radiators or solar thermal systems.

  • Granite

    Granite is often used as a floor or wall surface in bathrooms. It is easy to sand and polish, is hard and weather resistant.

  • Greywater

    Greywater is wastewater from washbasins, washing machines and showers that is slightly contaminated but does not contain faeces.

  • Grohe Fresh (Grohe)

    Is a special container for fragrance tabs, which is built in Grohe cisterns.

  • Grohe Whisper® (Grohe)

    Grohe Whisper ensures more comfort in the bathroom and kitchen by reducing noise.

    Grohe cisterns and kitchen sinks are equipped with the noise-reducing Grohe Whisper function. Grohe cisterns with Grohe Whisper, unlike other cisterns, are largely decoupled from the mounting wall so that sound cannot be transmitted to the building structure. Grohe kitchen sinks have an integrated mat that makes the handling of pots and pans, for example, much quieter.

  • Halogen lamp

    A halogen lamp convinces with its long life, high light output and economy. It is dimmable and does not require warm-up time.

  • Hand shower

    A hand shower is used in the shower and bathtub. They are available in many versions, shapes, designs and with a different number of spray modes.

    Thanks to a shower hose, the hand shower is flexible and moveable so that parts of the body can also be sprayed off in a targeted manner. It can be fixed to a shower rail to be used as an overhead shower.

  • Hand washbasin

    A hand washbasin is a small sized basin usually used in guest toilets or small bathrooms.

  • HDF boards

    HDF is a high-density fibreboard.

    The HDF board consists of wood fibres and glue, which are compressed together under heat. An HDF panel is used when a high load on low material thickness is required, for example as a backing for laminate floors.

  • Headrest

    A headrest is attached to the head end of a bath. This provides comfortable support for the head during bathing.

  • Heat output

    The heat output is given in watts. In the case of a radiator, it indicates how much heat is emitted into the room from the radiator.

    The heat output of a radiator is usually given at three different system temperatures, e.g. WL1 (75/65/20)°C, WL2 (70/55/20)°C and WL3 (55/45/20)°C. The first number indicates the temperature of the flow, the second the temperature of the return and the third the room temperature to be maintained. The room temperature is defined in accordance with DIN EN 12831-1 in order to define the heating load calculation of a room under standard outside temperatures.

  • High pressure fitting

    A high-pressure fitting is a fitting that is connected without a water heater to a domestic water pipe.

  • Hinge

    A hinge is a joint that connects elements in such a way that they can be pivoted. In the bathroom area, these can be found, for example, on shower doors and toilet seats.

  • HoneyComb® (Hansa)

    Hansa fittings have a special HoneyComb surface structure, which offers improved limescale protection.

  • HygieneFlush (Duravit)

    The HygieneFlush flush system from Duravit impresses with its hygienically perfect flush result, which is created by a powerful rotating flush flow.

    HygieneFlush is used in toilets with open flush rim technology and ensures that the toilet bowl is flushed completely without spraying over the rim.

  • HygieneGlaze (Duravit)

    HygieneGlaze is an antibacterial ceramic glaze from Duravit that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria with the help of silver ions.

  • HyperClean (Grohe)

    An antibacterial surface from Grohe, which reduces the growth of bacteria by 99.9%.

  • Ideal Flow (Ideal Standard)

    Ideal Flow is an invisible washbasin overflow system manufactured by Ideal Standard.

    Parallel to the water level in the washbasin, the water rises in a concealed rising pipe to the integrated, invisible overflow. The water then flows directly into the siphon through an overflow pipe. An overflow hole in the washbasin is no longer necessary.

  • Ideal Grip (Ideal Standard)

    Ideal Grip is an anti-slip coating from the manufacturer Ideal Standard for shower trays, which ensures secure footing and more safety in the shower area.

  • Ideal Plus (Ideal Standard)

    Ideal Plus is a scratch-resistant and durable ceramic glaze from Ideal Standard. This convinces with a water-repellent effect and thus facilitates cleaning.

  • Inch

    1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, you will find inch references in connection with pipes, lines and hoses.

  • Indentation measurement

    This measurement describes the extent to which a shower enclosure is moved inwards from the outer edge of the shower area for safe and tight installation on the shower tray.

    A level surface is important for the installation of a shower enclosure. As shower trays of different sizes and dimensions are manufactured, manufacturers always deduct a so-called "indentation measurement" so that a secure, suitable and flexible installation is guaranteed.

  • InnerWater Guide (Grohe)

    The internal, separate InnerWater Guide in Grohe showers or thermostats protects the chrome surface.

    The chrome surface of Grohe showers or thermostats is not constantly exposed to hot water, the InnerWater Guide acts as a protective shield. As a result, the chrome surface does not flake off, and the surface remains intact and even.

  • Installation block (bath)

    An installation block is used to simplify the assembly of a deck-mounted fitting. It also provides support for the fitting.

  • Instantaneous water heater

    An instantaneous water heater can be used to heat water for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Such devices are usually used with a decentralised hot water supply.

    A instantaneous water heater does not heat the water until it is actually needed. It is controlled hydraulically or electronically and can work with electricity or gas to heat the water. Modern devices can also be connected to solar systems.

  • Interior bathroom

    A bathroom is defined as interior if it has no windows and no other direct access to fresh air.

  • Intrinsically safe against backflow

    A fitting with the specification "intrinsically safe against backflow" technically ensures that water already used during its use cannot flow back into the fresh water pipe system.

    For example, used water can flow back into the fresh water system if a negative pressure is created in the pipe system while a hand shower is lying in a filled bathtub. Protection of the fresh water system is required by law. Fitters have various options for preventing backflow, the use of an intrinsically safe fitting being one of them.

  • IP44

    IP44 protection means that luminaires in the bathroom or garden are protected against splash water and foreign objects with a diameter of 1.0 mm.

  • Jacuzzi

    Jacuzzi is a well-known, American whirlpool manufacturer, which is why the name is often used as a synonym for "whirlpool".

  • Kelvin

    Kelvin, abbreviated "K", denotes the colour temperature of a lamp.

  • Keratect® (Keramag)

    Keratect is a ceramic coating from Keramag that is water-repellent and makes it easier to clean the ceramic.

    The surface is almost non-porous and very smooth. As a result, bacteria and dirt particles can barely accumulate. Keratect improves hygiene and makes cleaning easier, as intensive scrubbing is no longer necessary. According to the manufacturer, even disinfectants or high-pressure cleaners cannot damage the surface.

  • KNX bus system

    The 4-wire KNX bus system is a SmartHome technology with which luminaires, buttons and devices such as radiators, washing machines or blinds can be networked together.

    The system enables intelligent control in the home, the operation is usually carried out via a control system installed on-site.

  • Laufen Clean Coat (LCC)

    Laufen Clean Coat, or "LCC" for short, is a ceramic coating from Laufen that is water-repellent and makes it easier to clean the ceramic.

  • LED

    LED stands for "Light Emitting Diode". LEDs are economical, dimmable and durable.

  • Lifting/Lowering mechanism

    A lifting/lowering mechanism is found in shower doors. It ensures that the door can be opened easily but still closes tightly to the floor when closed.

  • Lift-off function (Pressalit)

    The lift-off function can be found in Pressalit toilet seats. Special hinges ensure that the seat can be easily removed and reattached for cleaning.

  • Lightfastness

    Lightfastness is the colour fastness of a surface when exposed to light, especially sunlight, for long periods of time.

    Lightfastness is usually assessed on a scale of 1 (= very low lightfastness) to 8 (excellent lightfastness). At level 7, a material in Central Europe can stay outdoors for about a year without changing its colour. With each additional level, the time that the material can be exposed to light without changing is approximately doubled. The topic is especially relevant for textiles, but also for other surfaces, such as furniture that may be placed close to the window.

  • Limescale

    The liquid form of limescale (calcium hydrogen carbonate) is found in drinking water. If this solidifies, it settles on fittings or in the form of water stains on glass.

    Limescale occurs in German drinking water, depending on the region, in different hardness. The hardness level can be requested from the water supplier. Special coatings or the installation of treatment equipment or filters can soften the water and prevent contamination.

  • Low pressure fitting

    A low pressure fitting can be found in the kitchen when the water is heated via a boiler.

    There are three connection hoses on a low pressure fitting. One is connected directly to the cold water and the other two to the boiler. Pressure builds up during the heating process of the boiler, which can then escape via the low pressure fitting. The fitting drips in small quantities during this phase.

  • LowPressure (Hansgrohe)

    Overhead showers with LowPressure from Hansgrohe impress with a consistent shower spray, even at low pressure.

    Overhead showers with LowPressure offer full showering pleasure at a low water pressure of just 0.2 bar.

  • Lucite®

    Lucite is sanitary acrylic. It feels warm to the touch and has a smooth surface.

    Lucite is used in shower trays and baths and is a synthetic, glass-like plastic. The material alows for long-lasting colours and a variety of designs.

  • Lumen

    Lumen describes the luminous flux emitted by a light source (luminous efficacy).

  • Lux

    Lux is the illuminance that hits a surface (brightness).

  • Macerator pump

    A macerator pump automatically conveys dirty water and/or faeces into the waste water, if these cannot be transported away by a gradient.

    A macerator pump is an automatic system that is used in two cases: firstly, if it is not possible to remove dirt, sewage or faeces via a sloping pipe. Secondly, if there is dirt, waste water, rainwater or faecal matter below the so-called backwater level, which is below the level of the sewage pipes that connect a building to the public sewage system. In this case, wastewater and faeces must be pumped to a higher level in order to discharge them safely.

  • Maintenance opening/flap

    A maintenance opening/flap provides easy access to pipes and installations so that repairs can be carried out without causing damage to tiles or masonry.

  • Marble

    Marble is used as a floor or wall surface in bathrooms. Marble functions as a collective term for various rocks. It is very sensitive to acids and therefore very demanding in terms of maintenance.

  • Marbond (Laufen)

    Marbond is a high-quality composite material made from a mineral base.

    This composite material is used in the manufacture of baths and shower trays and is distinguished by its low maintenance, hygienic surface that can be repaired if necessary. Marbond consists of two layers: the base is mineral cast, the surface is sealed with a resistant GelCoat coating.

  • Martindale

    The Martindale unit indicates how abrasion resistant textiles are.

    The abrasion resistance is determined using the Martindale method, which technically simulates the natural wear of a seat cover. Upholstery fabrics in the private sector should have a minimum of 10,000-15,000 Martindale, in public areas 30,000-40,000 Martindale.

  • MDF board

    MDF stands for "medium-density fibreboard".

  • Melamine

    Melamine can be found on the surface of bathroom furniture. It is smooth, humidity resistant and scratch resistant.

  • Mineral cast

    Mineral casting is used for the production of baths. It is low-maintenance, impact-resistant and protected against UV light.

    Mineral cast is an especially malleable material. It has a non-porous, matt-glossy surface. Thanks to a special coating, the surface is also abrasion-resistant.

  • Mirror cabinet

    A mirror cabinet combines the advantages of mirror and cabinet.

    These are wall-mounted, flat units with a mirrored front. In most cases, they are additionally equipped with lighting. They are available in different sizes and configurations.

  • Mixer

    A mixer ensures that hot and cold water is mixed to the required temperature before it leaves the spout.

  • Monobloc installation

    With a monobloc fitting, the washbasin or bidet need only have one tap hole.

    The entire fitting is mounted in one hole of the ceramic. Separate holes for cold and warm water handles are not required.

  • Mousseur

    A mousseur ensures an even jet pattern by adding air to the outgoing water jet.

    The mousseur sits at the spout of a fitting. The addition of air creates an even water jet, reducing water flow and water consumption.

  • Multi-layer composite piping

    A multi-layer composite pipe is a plastic pipe with an aluminium core.

    Inside the multi-layer composite pipe is an aluminium coated with polyethylene on both its inner and outer sides. Multi-layer composite pipes are used in drinking water and heating installations, but also in wall and floor heating systems. The aluminium layer prevents oxygen from penetrating into the drinking or heating water. This protects against the formation of rust inside the pipes. Multi-layer composite pipes are easy to bend, inherently stable and lightweight.

  • Non-closing waste valve

    A non-closing waste valve can be found in washbasins, bidets, shower trays or baths without an overflow in the ceramic.

    The fact that the valve cannot be closed prevents a full and thus overflowing basin. The water drains into the siphon in a controlled manner via the valve.

  • Non-return valve

    A non-return valve is a safety fitting that allows water to flow in only one direction.

    In the event of negative pressure in the line, a spring-loaded valve closes a flap and prevents backflow. This prevents the ingress of non-potable water into a drinking water installation.

  • Odour extraction

    Odour extraction can be found in shower toilets. It absorbs unpleasant odours and provides a pleasant climate in the bathroom.

  • Odour trap (siphon)

    The odour trap is mounted on a e.g. washbasin.

    The odour trap is a removable part of a drain body that prevents sewer gases from rising from the drain connection to the inlet by means of an integrated water seal.

  • Odour trap height/Sealing water level

    The height of the water in an odour trap (siphon), which separates the gases from the sewage system into the room air, is called the odour trap height or the sealing water level.

  • On-the-wall element

    An on-the-wall element simplifies the installation of toilets, urinals, washbasins, bidets, baths or showers.

    On-the-wall elements are used in drywall construction. Often the cistern and waste and overflow sets are already integrated. So-called brickwall elements are available for use in solid brick walls.

  • One-click showering (Grohe)

    One-click showering is a hand shower function from Grohe. Switching between the different spray modes is done conveniently by clicking on the corresponding button.

  • One pipe system/One pipe heating

    The one-pipe system/one-pipe heating serves to heat a building with hot water.

    The warm water passes through the radiators one after the other and thus generates an even heat. With this system, only the radiator closest to the main pipe is connected directly to it. The heated water flows through the radiator and is then passed on to the next one. These radiators have 2 connections: one for the flow and one for the return of the water. Part of the incoming water flows through a single-tube fitting directly to the next radiator. The remaining part of the incoming water flows through the first radiator first and is then also mixed into the flow of the second radiator. When the heated water has passed through the last radiator it returns to the main boiler, where it is re-heated.

  • Outlet

    This is the pipe end at the toilet or urinal that forms the transition to the sewage pipe.

    The last piece of pipe on a toilet or urinal is called an outlet or socket. It forms the connection to the sewers. A distinction is made between horizontal and vertical outlets/sockets.

  • Outlet valve

    Outlet valve or colloquially also called a "tap", is a cold water valve, which is often used in the washroom, e.g. as a connection for a washing machine, or in the garden.

    There is a vacuum breaker aerator and a non-return valve installed in it to prevent backflow of water outside the drinking water pipe. Outlet valves without this safety device do not comply with DIN EN 1717.

  • Overflow

    The overflow prevents the water from running over when using washbasins or baths.

    If the waste valve in the washbasin or bath is closed and the water then rises too high, it still drains off in a controlled manner via the overflow.

  • Overhead shower

    An overhead shower can be found as part of a shower system in the shower area. They are available in different sizes, designs and with a different number of spray modes.

  • Pedestal

    A pedestal covers connections underneath a washbasin and extends from the washbasin to the floor. It performs an aesthetic function.

  • Perlator® (Neoperl)

    A Perlator is an aerator made by Neoperl. It is attached to the front part of the fitting and, thanks to the addition of air, ensures an even jet, reduces water flow and water consumption.

  • PerlClean finish (Reuter Kollektion)

    Shower enclosures in the Reuter Kollektion are equipped with PerlClean, a dirt-repellent surface.

    This surface treatment ensures that water drops easily roll off the shower enclosure. This prevents limescale or soap residues from permanently settling on the glass and prevents heavy contamination. This keeps the shower enclosure glass shiny for longer and makes it easier to clean.

  • Pilling

    Pilling refers to the formation of nodules on textiles, which can occur over time due to friction.

    Pilling is evaluated on a scale from 1 (= very strong pilling) to 5 (= no pilling). The more short-fibred the textiles are, the more they tend to pilling.

  • Pipe interrupter

    A pipe interrupter is a safety fitting that prevents the drinking water from being contaminated by backflowing waste water or used water.

    Contamination could be caused, for example, by a sudden pressure drop in the network. Dirty water would be sucked into the fresh water network by the negative pressure. By aerating the drinking water system, pipe interrupters can compensate for the negative pressure and prevent backflow.

  • Pissoir

    Men can urinate into a pissoir standing up.

    The ceramic can be mounted on the wall at different heights and is more compact than a classic toilet.

  • Plasterboard

    Plasterboard is carton-coated gypsum board with a closed surface. It is often used for pre-walls in sanitary areas, in roof extensions or drywall construction.

  • Plinth

    A recess in the bath panel directly on the floor, which makes it easier to approach the bath.

  • Polygiene effect (Pressalit)

    The Polygiene effect from Pressalit is an antibacterial surface that prevents the spread of bacteria.

  • Pop-up waste set/Excentric set

    A pop-up waste set/excentric set is located in the washbasin, which can be opened or closed with a pull rod.

  • Power Flush Triple Vortex (Grohe)

    The Power Flush Triple Vortex flushing system can be found in selected toilets from Grohe.

    When the ceramic is flushed with the Power Flush Triple Vortex, it is cleaned by three different water sources, which are fed throughout the toilet.

  • Pre-wall installation

    A pre-wall installation consists of a wall, usually plasterboard, which is placed in front of an existing wall.

    The area between the two walls offers space for water pipes or sewage pipes. A pre-wall installation is particularly suitable for renovation in the bathroom. If this installation is only tiled halfway up, you gain additional practical storage space.

  • Projection

    Indicates the length at which a spout protrudes into the basin from the centre of the fitting body.

  • ProShield (Alape)

    ProShield is the antibacterial surface from the manufacturer Alape.

    Steel enamel bathroom products with a ProShield surface reduce the growth of bacteria and mould by more than 99.9%.

  • Protection class

    The protection class specifies the safety measures for electrical devices in order to prevent an electric shock. The higher the number (between 0 and 3), the better the device is isolated.

  • Protection type/"IP"

    The protection type/"IP" indicates for which environmental conditions electrical devices are suitable.

    The protection type is abbreviated as "IP", which stands for "Ingress Protection". The letters are followed by two digits. The first indicates the protection against foreign objects and contact, the second protection against water. The higher the numbers, the greater the protection.

  • Push dimming system

    The push dimming system is an option for switching and dimming luminaires in parallel.

    As a rule, switching and dimming is carried out via dimmers/push-buttons installed in the wall. Briefly pressing the dimmer/button switches the lights on or off, longer pressing adjusts the brightness up or down.

  • Push-open waste valve

    A push-open waste valve is opened and closed by pressing the valve cover in the washbasin.

  • Push-pull system (Ideal Standard)

    The push-pull system from Ideal Standard is used to open and close furniture doors, pull-out compartments and drawers by gently pressing the front.

  • Push-to-open system (Keramag)

    Keramag's push-to-open system opens and closes furniture doors, pull-out compartments and drawers by gently pressing the front.

  • Quarrycast® (Victoria + Albert)

    Victoria + Albert baths and washbasins are made of Quarrycast, which is pleasantly warm to the touch, durable and easy to clean.

    Quarrycast consists of a mixture of limestone and resin, which becomes very hard during the manufacturing process and thus convinces with its durability. Victoria + Albert baths and washbasins are cast from a single mould and attract with a natural white colour and glossy look. They are easy to clean and small scratches can be easily polished out. The baths and washbasins can also be drilled with holes so that they can be combined with versatile fittings.

  • Quaryl® (Villeroy & Boch)

    Quaryl is used for the production of baths and shower trays. The surface is particularly durable and scratch-resistant.

    Quaryl is a refinement of sanitary acrylic and is also impressive because it is impact and shock-resistant, dyed through, low maintenance and heat-retaining.

  • Quarzomood® (Antoniolupi)

    Quarzomood is a mineral material from the manufacturer Antoniolupi.

    Components of the material are synthetic resin and quartz. The mineral material is easy to clean and can be repaired if necessary.

  • QuickClean (Hansgrohe)

    QuickClean describes an anti-limescale function from Hansgrohe. Limescale deposits on fittings and showers can be removed by simply wiping your finger over them.

  • QuickRelease (Villeroy & Boch)

    Thanks to special hinges, QuickRelease toilet seats are easy to remove for cleaning and are just as easy to reattach to the toilet after cleaning.

  • Radiator

    A radiator is usually connected to a central heating system, heated water flows through it, heats it and then radiates the heat into the room.

    Radiators with mixed operation also have an integrated heating cartridge. Part of the room heat is then generated by the radiator with water, the other half by the cartridge.

  • Real glass

    Real glass is used in the bathroom for shower partitions and is both a splash guard and a design element.

    Real glass partitions are either transparent or with decorative printing. In most cases, manufacturers treat the surfaces in such a way that the glass can be kept easily clean.

  • Recess entry

    In the case of a recess entry, the shower is limited by three fixed walls, the shower can be accessed on the free side.

  • Reflector

    A reflector is part of a luminaire. It is used for lighting distribution and ensures better light output.

  • Riho-Shield (Riho)

    The Riho-Shield finish from Riho is dirt-repellent and makes glass surfaces particularly easy to clean.

    In contrast to untreated glass surfaces, the Riho-Shield finish has a smooth surface that allows water droplets to run off particularly well. As a result, contamination is permanently prevented, cleaning becomes much easier and the use of cleaning agents is reduced.

  • Rimless toilet

    A rimless toilet is characterised by seamless ceramic without a flush rim.

    Since there are no hidden areas without a rim, the ceramic can be easily and comprehensively cleaned.

  • Rubbing fastness

    Rubbing fastness refers to the resistance of the colour of covers to rubbing and staining on other textiles.

    Rubbing fastness is evaluated on a scale from 1 (= very low rubbing fastness) to 5 (excellent rubbing fastness). A high level of rubbing fastness is particularly important for seating furniture in order to prevent clothes from being stained.

  • SafeStop (Grohe)

    Selected fittings from Grohe are equipped with a safety lock at 38 °C.

    The SafeStop function ensures that your shower water cannot get hotter than 38 °C unless you deliberately override a resistance on the fitting. This protects you from scalding during showering.

  • Safety Function (Hansgrohe)

    Selected fittings from Hansgrohe are equipped with a safety lock at 42 °C.

    The Safety Function ensures that your shower water cannot get hotter than 42 °C. This maximum temperature is set before installation. This way you are always protected from scalding.

  • Sanitary acrylic

    Baths and shower trays made of sanitary acrylic are impact and shock-resistant, lightfast, colourfast, non-slip and low maintenance. The material is also scratch-resistant and has a pleasantly smooth surface.

  • Sanitary porcelain/Sanitary ceramic

    Sanitary porcelain/sanitary ceramic is the generic term for washbasins, toilets or bidets and for the material from which they are made.

    The main components of the material are clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz. They are mixed with other materials, formed with the addition of water and then baked. As a result, they are insensitive to alkalis and acids and have high structural stability and strength.

  • SaphirKeramik (Laufen)

    SaphirKeramik is a particularly thin-walled sanitary ceramic with narrowly defined radii.

    This robust sanitary ceramic allows the production of intricate shapes that are particularly hard. The strength is achieved by adding the mineral corundum.

  • Satin Finish (Grohe)

    Satin Finish is a patented brushing technique from the manufacturer Grohe that refines the surface of kitchen sinks.

    Grohe kitchen sinks are treated with the patented Satin Finish brushing technique - this makes the stainless steel surface much smoother and less porous. This makes it easier for you to clean the sink and significantly increases its longevity.

  • Select technology (Hansgrohe)

    Hansgrohe fittings equipped with Select technology activate and stop the water flow at the push of a button.

  • Self-closing fitting

    Self-closing fittings are activated at the push of a button or sensor and automatically stop the water flow after a preset time.

    These fittings are water-saving and prevent water from flowing unused for long periods of time, which is why they are often used in public areas.

  • Sensor fitting

    Thanks to infrared technology, a sensor fitting detects when you approach it and starts the water flow.

    Water temperature, running time and sensor range can be adjusted. Sensor fittings are also particularly hygienic because they are contactless.

  • SilkMove® (Grohe)

    Grohe fittings are equipped with integrated ceramic cartridges, which make the handling of the operating levers particularly smooth.

  • Single lever fitting

    This fitting has one handle/lever that allows the temperature and strength of the water jet to be adjusted.

    Single lever fittings are intuitive to operate, the water temperature is specifically selected and set. This saves water and energy.

  • Shield coating

    The manufacturer HSK treats its shower enclosures with the dirt-repellent Shield coating.

    The special coating prevents water drops from drying after showering, soap residues, limescale and other impurities cannot adhere. This makes the glass shower enclosure  much easier to clean.

  • Shower channel

    A shower channel is installed in the floor of the shower area and functions as a floor-level drainage system.

    If a shower channel is installed on the floor, the remaining shower area can be tiled individually, since a shower tray and an additional drainage system are no longer required. Shower channels are made exclusively of stainless steel, as it is resistant to moisture in the shower area. It is important that the shower channels are sealed according to DIN 18534.

  • Shower fittings

    A shower fitting is a fitting for operating and regulating the shower or bath water.

    A shower fitting is used in showers or baths. It regulates water temperature and water quantity. They are available as exposed or concealed versions, single or two handle fittings.

  • Shower panel

    A shower panel combines overhead shower, body sprays and hand shower in a single module.

    The panel convinces with versatility, because it combines all shower types. It can be controlled manually or electronically.

  • Shower rail

    On this is a bracket for a hand shower, which can be adjusted in height.

    The shower rail is attached to the shower wall. The hand shower is then hooked into the bracket, which runs along the shower rail. The height of the hand shower can then be adjusted to your needs.

  • Shower seat

    Seats in the shower are ideal for people who are physically impaired and provide comfort for everyday bathroom rituals.

    There are different models of a shower seat, for example a space-saving folding seat.

  • Shower toilet

    A toilet that cleans gently with water and offers maximum personal hygiene.

    A shower toilet cleans the anal area with a gentle jet of water. The water temperature and jet intensity can be adjusted according to your requirements. Depending on the version a shower toilet also has a lady shower, heated seats, dryer, odour extraction, remote control or many other convenient features.

  • Shower tray

    A shower tray is the floor area of the shower, if it is not covered with floor tiles.

    Shower trays are usually made of sanitary acrylic, steel enamel or ceramic. They are available in many different sizes and shapes: square, rectangular, pentagonal, as a quadrant or round. They have different entrance heights - floor-level entrances offer special comfort.

  • Shower tray installation measurement

    This measurement indicates the distance from the front edge of the wall tile to the outer edge of the shower tray/shower surface.

    For an exact fitting shower enclosure, it is necessary to determine the correct dimensions on site before selecting and ordering the shower enclosure. The most important measurement is the so-called "shower tray installation measurement/STIM". The shower tray installation measurement is the actual width of the shower tray/shower area, for tiles in the wet area. It is measured from the finished tiled wall to the outer edge of the shower tray/shower surface.

  • SilentFlow (Villeroy & Boch)

    Villeroy & Boch baths equipped with SilentFlow are filled pleasantly quietly via the base of the bath.

    Baths with SilentFlow can be filled particularly quietly from below via the base of the bath. A pipe interrupter is also required for installation.

  • Siphon

    A siphon is a drain and is mounted, for example, on a washbasin waste valve and prevents the escape of gases from the wastewater system by means of an odour trap.

    The pipe siphon is an S-shaped pipe whose lowest bend is always filled with water. Although wastewater can flow out of the sink, for example, the passage of gases can be prevented at the same time. Another version is the cup/bottle siphon, which works according to the same principle. In this case, the oulet pipe ends in a container similar to a cup or bottle in which water is standing. The cup/bottle siphon has a smaller installation depth, which makes it more visually appealing. However, it is not used for baths and shower trays.

  • Siphon cover

    This covering is located under the washbasin and conceals unsightly waste pipes.

    The siphon cover is for covering the hot and cold water connections as well as the waste set underneath a washbasin. By using this, the connections are completely concealed and therefore no longer visible.

  • SlimRim (Premium)

    SlimRim is the name of a ceramic material.

    SlimRim is a particularly hard variant of sanitary ceramics. The material is therefore suitable for very slender designs with tightly defined radii.

  • SmartControl (Grohe)

    Grohe fittings equipped with SmartControl can activate the overhead shower, hand shower and spray modes conveniently at the touch of a button, the water volume is regulated by turning.

  • Smart Home

    Smart Home serves as a generic term for technical networks in homes.

    The focus in smart home solutions is on automated processes for remotely controlled devices. For example, the heating system can be networked and controlled via mobile phone and the lighting via tablet.

  • Softclose/SoftClose/SoftClosing

    Softclose/SoftClose/SoftClosing is used for toilet seats from various manufacturers. It prevents the toilet seat from falling down quickly and instead closes gently.

  • Solid Surface

    Solid Surface is a generic term for various mineral materials that are used for countertops and washbasins, among other things, and can imitate the appearance of natural stone.

    The material is non-porous, easy to clean and can be repaired if necessary. One example of Solid Surface is Corian from DuPont.

  • Soundproofing

    Soundproofing plays an important role, especially in bathrooms in a block of flats.

    Soundproofing is essential so that fellow residents are not disturbed by loud showers or toilet flushes. The requirements for good soundproofing include high-quality materials and professional workmanship.

  • SpeedClean (Grohe)

    Grohe showers and fittings are equipped with SpeedClean technology. The silicone nozzles can be cleared of limescale by simply wiping them with your finger.

  • Spout

    The spout is the area of a fitting where the water flows from.

    The spout is available in many variants, sometimes arched, sometimes U-, C- or V-shaped. Spouts influence water jet and flow rate.

  • Spray mode

    Describes the water jet and the jet pattern coming from the overhead, hand shower or body spray.

    Depending on the model, shower heads have three, four or even five different jet variants: from gently pearling drops to fixed massage jets.

  • SpriClean® (Sprinz)

    SpriClean is a surface treatment for glass shower enclosures made by Sprinz.

    This treatment makes the glass so smooth that drops of water can no longer adhere and roll off particularly easily. This makes the glass shower enclosure incredibly long-lasting and reliably protected against limescale and dirt deposits. For easier maintenance.

  • Spring mechanism (Hüppe)

    Shower enclosures with a spring mechanism allow the door segments to swing in and out for easy cleaning.

    An easy-to-operate spring mechanism ensures that the door segments of the shower enclosure can be swung out and in. This allows you to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to access and makes it easier to clean the shower enclosure.

  • Stagnation

    Stagnation refers to stagnant water in the drinking system, which can lead to the spread of Legionella.

  • Stagnation flushing

    Stagnation flushing is used in a block of flats or public buildings and is used for drinking water hygiene.

    It is located in the toilet cistern or washbasin fitting and regularly and automatically flushes the drinking water pipe to prevent stagnant water and thus the spread of pathogens.

  • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel, which is used in kitchens and bathrooms, is very durable and gives fittings and surfaces a premium appearance.

    Stainless steel is durable and impresses as a protective surface. Stainless steel usually contains a high chrome content and is a steel with a special degree of purity. This is why it is known as "stainless" steel.

  • StarLight® (Grohe)

    StarLight is a special chrome surface from Grohe that is durable and easy to clean.

  • Steel enamel

    Steel enamel baths or shower trays are easy to clean, robust and colourfast.

  • Stoneware

    Stoneware is a type of ceramic whose shards glaze during firing. It is opaque and almost watertight.

  • SuperSteel (Grohe)

    SuperSteel refers to a matt fitting surface from Grohe, which is particularly scratch-resistant and colourfast.

  • Support rails

    Support rails are used to attach baths/shower trays to the walls and support the edge across the entire length.

  • Supralit® (Roca)

    Supralit is a resistant and hygienic material used in the production of toilet seats and lids.

    Seats and lids for toilets and bidets made of Supralit are particularly durable, resistant to chemicals and protected from porosity caused by UV radiation. Thanks to the antibacterial treatment, the development of germs and bacteria is also reduced.

  • Surface finishes/Surface coating

    Surface finishes can be found in various forms on all products in the bathroom. They can make cleaning easier or have an antibacterial effect.

  • Switch range/Switch material

    The switch range/switch material refers to the various types of socket and switch boxes.

    The switch range/switch material has a protective function and is available in different colours and shapes, depending on the manufacturer.

  • Synthetic resin

    A synthetic resin is a synthetically manufactured resin.

    In the sanitary sector, synthetic resins are used, among other things, to produce mineral materials and as a material for toilet seats.

  • Tap hole

    A tap hole is the hole in a washbasin or bath in which a tap is installed.

  • Thermostatic fitting/Thermostatic mixer

    A thermostatic fitting/thermostatic mixer is used to select an outlet and the desired shower water temperature.

    The thermostatic fitting/thermostatic mixer ensures that the water flows constantly at the desired temperature.

  • Thermostatic valve/Thermostatic head

    A thermostatic valve/thermostatic heads can be used to manually control a radiator in 5 stages.

    With thermostatic valves, it is now possible to preset the flow rate of hot water for each stage to ensure uniform heating of all radiators. This is called hydraulic balancing.

  • Three hole fitting

    A three hole fitting consists of a fitting body and a cold and warm water handle.

    Washbasins require three tap holes for this fitting. With three hole fittings, the desired temperature must be readjusted each time.

  • Tile spacer disc

    A tile spacer disc allows you to precisely mount your bathroom fitting on the wall.

    Not all walls are tiled to ceiling height, so in some bathrooms it is necessary to compensate for the tile thickness. The tile spacer disc is inserted between a shower rail or shower system and the wall. This allows you to install your bathroom fittings with a perfect fit.

  • Timeless (Hüppe)

    Timeless is an easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant glass surface from Hüppe, where limescale and dirt are more difficult to adhere to.

    A patented metal oxide coating on the glass of the shower enclosure makes it easier to clean and prevents glass corrosion. It is more difficult for limescale deposits and dirt in the shower area to adhere to the glass. The surface is applied using an innovative magnetron process, making the glass particularly durable.

  • TitanCeram (Villeroy & Boch)

    TitanCeram is the name of a ceramic material used by Villeroy & Boch.

    TitanCeram is characterised by a higher strength than classic ceramics, thereby enabling more intricate designs.

  • TitanGlaze (Villeroy & Boch)

    TitanGlaze is a matt, durable ceramic surface made by Villeroy & Boch.

    The surface of the ceramic is particularly scratch and impact resistant due to the refinement with high-purity aluminium oxide. The matt appearance maintains the high-quality appearance for a long time.

  • Toilet cistern

    The toilet cistern contains several litres of water which flows into the toilet bowl when the flush button is pressed.

    The cistern can be mounted visibly as a close-coupled version or invisibly as a concealed version. The flush volume of a cistern can be set between 3 and 9 litres, depending on the type of manufacture. If there are two buttons, you can choose between a small and a large flushing quantity. If there is only one button on the cistern, flushing is performed with a previously defined amount of water - but the water flow can be interrupted by pressing the button again.

  • Touchless fittings

    A touchless fitting has sensors that detect when hands are moved under the fitting. The water then starts to flow.

    The temperature of the water is already set in advance. Electronic fittings require a connection to the mains or a compatible battery. The touchless technology has two major advantages: it saves water and energy because water only flows when it is really needed. It also contributes to hygiene.

  • Transformer

    A transformer converts high voltage to low voltage. This is required, for example, for low-voltage halogen lamps. The lamps needs 12 volts input, but 220/230 volts mains voltage is common in Germany. A transformer converts these and thus enables the luminaire to be used.

  • Trap connection

    A trap connection is mounted on the waste valve of a washbasin and prevents unpleasant gases from escaping out of the waste water system.

  • Trim set

    A trim set is required to completely install and use a concealed fitting, a shower or bath, for example.

    Depending on the manufacturer and range, the trim set consists of an operating handle, an operating lever for the diverter, temperature control handle, sleeve, escutcheon and a trim plate.

  • TSG (toughened safety glass)

    TSG is the abbreviation for "toughened safety glass". This is especially used in shower enclosures and has a high shock and impact resistance.

    If the glass does break under very high loads, it breaks into small crumbs without sharp edges, so that the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

  • TurboStat® (Grohe)

    Grohe thermostats are equipped with the TurboStat function, which prevents pressure fluctuations and therefore a sudden rise or fall in the water temperature.

  • TwistFlush (Villeroy & Boch)

    This flushing technology from the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch is particularly quiet, economical and efficient.

    TwistFlush is a special flushing technology that uses a powerful water vortex to ensure perfect flushing results. It is distinguished by the quiet water flow, which is also very economical.

  • TwistFree (Grohe)

    Shower hoses from Grohe are equipped with a special swivel cone, which ensures "TwistFree" protection.

  • Two handle fitting/two handle mixer

    These fittings have two handles: one for cold water and one for hot water. Two handle fittings are available as monobloc and three hole versions.

  • Two pipe connection/two pipe system/two pipe heating

    With a two pipe connection/two pipe system/two pipe heating in the heating system, each radiator is independent of the other and has its own supply flow and return.

  • Urinal

    Men can urinate into a urinal standing up.

    The ceramic can be mounted on the wall at different heights and is more compact than a classic toilet.

  • Valve radiator

    This is a flat panel radiator with a pre-installed thermostatic valve.

    Valve radiators usually have a central connection or a central side connection. The need for an additional control valve is eliminated and installation is made much easier.

  • Veneer

    Veneer is the name given to thin sheets of wood that are used to enhance the appearance of surfaces, especially on furniture.

    These sheets are used to refine a carrier material and create a beautiful and optically valuable surface.

  • VilboClear (Villeroy & Boch)

    VilboClear is a glass surface coating that allows the shower water to simply roll off, making cleaning easier.

  • VilboGrip (Villeroy & Boch)

    Selected shower trays from Villeroy & Boch are equipped with VilboGrip anti-slip coating for greater safety.

  • VitrAclean (VitrA)

    VitrAclean is a special hygienic coating for ceramic products from VitrA. The coating makes the surface smoother so that bacteria and dirt particles can barely grow, making cleaning much easier.

  • VitrAflush (VitrA)

    VitrA toilets are equipped with the innovative VitrAflush water supply system, which ensures perfect results with every flush.

  • VitrAhygiene (VitrA)

    VitrAhygiene is an antibacterial surface for bathroom ceramics from the manufacturer VitrA.

    Thanks to this special hygiene coating, the growth of bacteria is reduced by more than 99.9 %.

  • Volt

    Volt denotes "electric potential", abbreviated "V".

  • Walk In

    Walk In refers to a possible entrance to a shower.

    In a walk in solution, a glass partition wall is placed parallel to an existing wall. Depending on whether there is another fixed side panel, the shower can then be accessed either directly from both sides or from one side. Shower doors are no longer necessary.

  • Wall-mounted toilet

    A wall-mounted toilet is a toilet that does not stand on the floor, but is mounted on the wall or on-the-wall element.

  • Washbasin

    Washbasins are made of sanitary ceramic. They are available in different versions.

    Washbasins are available as wall-mounted versions that can be mounted directly on the wall or on-the-wall elements. A further distinction is made between countertop washbasins, which are place on a countertop, built-in/drop-in washbasins, which are inserted into a countertop, and undermount washbasins, which are mounted from below against the countertop. In addition, vanity washbasins are available, which are combined directly with a vanity unit.

  • Washdown toilet

    A washdown toilet has a deep bowl that is constantly filled with water. This type of toilet is considered hygienic and odourless. Washdowns are available as freestanding or wall-mounted toilets.

  • Washout toilet

    A washout toilet has an integrated platform in the toilet on which the excretions remain until flushed away.

    It makes sense to use washout toilets in hospitals or medical practices, as this way is easier to take a stool sample.

  • Waste and overflow set

    These can be found in baths and washbasins. It ensures that water drains off in a controlled manner.

    A waste and overflow set is mainly used in baths or washbasins. These include the waste, a rotary knob at the overflow, which can be used to open and close the waste plug at the bottom of the bath, as well as  the overflow. Where necessary, the water drains off through the overflow when the plug is closed - this prevents the water from overflowing over the rim of the bath or washbasin. Waste and overflow sets are available for baths of normal and special sizes.

  • Waste/Drain

    Used water flows out of the sink, bath or shower tray through the waste or drain.

  • Waste valve (closing/non-closing)

    This is located in washbasins, bidets, shower trays or baths and establishes a connection to the siphon.

    There are closeable and non-closeable valves. The closeable valves can be used to seal the basin or bath so that the water no longer drains unintentionally. When the valve is closed, a basin or bath can only fill up to the level of the overflow. Once the height of the overflow has been reached, the water is drained through it. This prevents the water from flowing over. A non-closeable valve is used on models without an overflow. The fact that this valve cannot be closed prevents a full and overflowing basin.

  • Wastewater pump

    A wastewater pump can be used to transport contaminated water, for example, from cellars or cesspits.

    Wastewater pumps are available with electric drive or a petrol or diesel engine. For domestic use, smaller pumps are usually used, for example in the garden area. The pump can be used to empty a pond or to supply water from a cistern for the sprinkler.

  • Water flow controller

    A water flow controller or flow rate limiter is designed to reduce the water consumption of an outlet.

    Water flow controllers are installed at the end of the fitting spout or in front of a shower head. They reduce the cross-section of the pipe, save water costs and thereby sustainably protect the environment. Water flow controllers or flow rate limiters can be combined with an aerator.

  • Watt

    Watt is the unit of specifying energy over time.

    For electrical devices, watts is the maximum power that the device draws from the power supply when it is used.

  • Wrap-Over (Pressalit)

    Pressalit toilet seats are equipped with wrap-over, the lid completely encloses the seat.

  • X-Change (Damixa)

    X-Change is a Damixa module that allows a mixer tap to be changed in 20 seconds without the need for special tools and even while the water is running.

  • XXL Performance (Hansgrohe)

    A function from the manufacturer Hansgrohe, which can be found on large overhead showers. It guarantees optimum water distribution to all active nozzles of the shower and thereby ensures an even spray pattern.

  • ZigBee

    ZigBee is a popular smart home technology that allows ZigBee-enabled lights, buttons and devices to be networked together.

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