Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort shower toilet with night light, complete set, with toilet seat white
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Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort shower toilet with night light, complete set, with toilet seat white

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TOP! Product Best-Price-Guarantee REUTER gives you a best price guarantee. With this guarantee, you can always be sure you are buying at the best possible price. For more information, please click on the "Best-Price-Guarantee" link in the footer.
Product details
Product features

Geberit AquaClean Shower Toilet – the toilet that cleans you with water!

Experience extraordinary comfort with the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet: a warm shower spray which provides hygienic cleanliness and unprecedented freshness. After the relaxing wash with water an adjustable warm-air dryer completes your individual pampering program

Application Purposes

  • for comfortable toilet use
  • for gentle cleaning of the anal and vaginal areas with water
  • rimless ceramic toilet with TurboFlush technology

Shower Toilet Functions

  • extendable anal shower arm with double nozzle can be set to 5 positions
  •  patented shower technology with rotating water spray for thorough, revitalising and water-saving cleaning (WhirlSpray)
  • integrated extendable lady shower nozzle for cleaning the vaginal area
  • oscillating spray (automatic forwards and reverse motion of the spray arm can be adjusted)
  • spray intensity can be set to 5 different levels
  • immediate and constant warm water via hybrid hot water system with continuous flow heater and storage water heater
  • temperature of shower water can be adjusted
  • extendable dryer arm with adjustable temperature is aimed to match the spray arm position and adapts to the different heat sensitivty for both wet and dry skin
  • water temperature: adjustable from 34-40 °C, default setting: 37 °C
  • shower duration: 30-50 seconds

Toilet hygiene

  • shower nozzle and dryer arm removable for easy cleaning
  • automatic pre-rinsing and post-rinsing of the spray nozzle with fresh water
  • without flush rim, there are no hidden areas available where dirt can collate
  • dirt-repellent ceramic surface for easy cleaning
  • flush technology with assymetrical internal geometry for a thorough and quiet flush (TurboFlush)

Toilet seat and lid

  • toilet seat with rapid heating function (adjustable temperature)
  • touchless opening and closing of toilet lid for more hygienic use
  • toilet seat stops itself when opening to prevent it hitting the wall (SoftOpening)
  • automatic closing of the toilet seat prevents a loud drop (SoftClosing)
  • toilet seat and lid are easily removable for cleaning


Further Highlights

  • up to 4 user profiles can be programmed
  • motion sensor enables many functions to start automatically as you approach the toilet (e.g. warm water, heated seat, orientation light, opening the lid)
  • automatic odour extraction with run-on function (with ceramic honeycomb filter)
  • simple operation via keypad or remote control
  • orientation light with 7 different colour settings (brightness adjustable) can be switched between permanently on, only on when dark or activated with a motion sensor (close, medium or far - independently from other motion sensor functions)
  • fully automatic descaling programme keeps water-bearing parts free from limescale


Water and Electrical Connection

  • water supply connection: concealed within the back of the ceramic toilet (left) or external (left, with accessories)
  • external mains connection: concealed within the back of the ceramic toilet (right) or with external power outlet on the right

Technical Data

  • protection class: I
  • protection type: IPX4
  • nominal voltage: 230 V AC
  • mains frequency: 50 Hz
  • power consumption: 2000 W
  • power consumption standby: <0.1 W
  • flow pressure: 50 – 1000 kPa
  • minimum flow pressure: 50 kPa
  • operating temperature: 5 – 40°C
  • water temperature, adjustment range: 34 – 40°C
  • calculated flow rate: 0.03 l/s
  • spray time: 30 - 50 s
  • maximum load toilet seat: 150 kg

    Scope of Delivery
  • water supply connection set for Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm and Geberit Omega concealed cistern 12 cm
  • coupling socket for mains connection
  • spray guard
  • descaling agent, 125 ml
  • cleaning set
  • connection set for toilet, Ø 90 mm
  • remote control with mounting and battery CR2032
  • fittings
Please note
  • electrical connection necessary
  • electrical fittings comply with German standards
Item number:
Christoph Behling
sanitary ceramic/duroplast
with coating
Surface treatment:
Length (cm):
Width (cm):
Mounting distance (cm):
Interior shape:
washdown toilets
Type of installation:
for concealed cisterns
Flushing rim:
without flushing rim
Toilet seat:
with toilet seat
Toilet seat hinges:
with soft-close & removable
Power supply:
with direct connection
with air ventilator, with dryer, with lady shower, with night light, with sanitary shower, with seat heating
toilet, toilet seat, remote control, connection accessories, descaling agent, installation aid, set of fittings
Light bulb incl.:
Packaging type:
Half pallet
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(Eric W. from Bergheim)

einfach ein traum

besser geht es kaum

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(Karl T. from Niederkassel)

Sehr komfortables WC

Nach 4 Jahren Erfahrung mit dem Geberit aquaMera comfort –WC, möchte ich Kaufinteressenten einige Informationen geben: Vorweg unser Fazit: Den Komfort dieser zugegeben nicht gerade billigen WC-Anlage möchten wir nicht mehr missen. Wer es sich leisten kann, wird nicht enttäuscht sein. Neben den vielen Funktionen, die dieses WC bietet (ich erspare mir eine nochmalige Aufzählung, da alle in den Beschreibungen nachzulesen sind), möchte ich die sehr gute Geruchsabsaugung sowie das gute Ergebnis der Säuberung mit dem pulsierenden Wasserstrahl hervorheben. Man sollte aber schon einiges an Zeit mitbringen, wenn man zu einem perfekten Ergebnis kommen will. So dauert die Popo-Spülung ca. 1 Minute und ca. 5 Minuten die Trocknung mit dem Föhn, eingestellt auf die heißeste Stufe. Natürlich kann man die jeweilige Funktion vorzeitig abbrechen. Allerdings will ich auch einiges erwähnen, auf das nirgendwo hingewiesen wird. Im WC ist in China hergestellte Elektronik verbaut, die störanfällig sein kann. So wurde bei unserem WC kurz nach Ablauf der 3-jährigen Garantie eine Störung mit dem Fehlercode 012E angezeigt, was den Einsatz des Kundendienstes erforderte. Nicht vergessen sollte man die wiederkehrend anfallenden Wartungskosten wie: Keramikwabenfilter, Flüssigkeit für die jährliche Entkalkung ca. 15 €. Wem das zu teuer ist, muss eben beim einfachen WC mit Papiersäuberung bleiben.

starFilled starFilled starFilled starFilled starFilled

(Michael H. from Wien)

schönes Design

sehr schönes Design. Anspruchsvoll bei der Montage. Alles funktioniert wunderbar und wir sind zufrieden.

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