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Steinberg Sensual Rain "iFlow" shower system with Sensual Rain "Wall Rain" rain panel, square with lighting
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Steinberg Sensual Rain "iFlow" shower system with Sensual Rain "Wall Rain" rain panel, square with lighting

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Product details
Product characteristics

Steinberg Sensual Rain "iFlow" Shower System Set

consists of:

Sensual Rain "Wall Rain"

  • 3 spray modes: Classic Rain (powerful, pattering rain jet, ideal for washing hair), Curtain Rain (gentle, enveloping rain jet), Waterfall (extra wide cascading stream)
  • limescale can be removed from the silicone naps with a simple wipe (Easy-clean)
  • durable chrome surface, easy to clean
  • overhead shower: W: 600 D: 600 mm
  • longlasting LED lighting (4 LED lamps)
  • power supply 12 Volt, rated current <= 30mA
  • includes frame for ceiling installation
  • electrical fittings comply with German standards

Hand Shower with Shower Hose, Wall-Mounted Bracket and Wall-Elbow

  • spray mode: Classic (full, soothing spray)
  • hose is kink resistant, flexible and easy-to-clean
  • bracket integrated in the wall-elbow
  • durable chrome surface, easy to clean
  • hand shower: L: 190 mm
  • shower hose: L: 1500 mm
  • intriniscally safe against backflow

Thermostat Sensual Rain "iFlow"

  • thermostatic fitting with digital display (iFlow)
  • rotate to regulate the temperature electronically
  • suitable for 4 outlets e.g. overhead shower, cascade shower, body jets and hand shower
  • activation of the outlets via digital display and soft-touch keys
  • fixed position of the symbols
  • outlets can be activated individually
  • safety stop at 38°C to protect against accidentally hot temperatures (preset)
  • LED ring with colour gradient for temperature recognition
  • maximum flow rate: 25 litres per minute (at 3 bar)
  • includes installation unit for recessed installation

Mixing Unit to Connect to Hot and Cold Water

  • mixes the water temperature set at the control element
  • for easily accessible installation in distribution cabinets or maintenance flaps outside the shower area
  • includes control cable for connection to thermostat control element

Diverter Unit to Control the Individual Outlets

  • switches on the outlet selected on the control element
  • for installation in easily accessible distribution cabinets or maintenance flap outside the shower area
  • includes control cable for connection to thermostat control element
  • includes outlet identification on the output connections for easy installation
  • includes power supply
Please note
  • please install the mixing unit and the diverter unit in a distribution cabinet (e.g. vanity unit with doors) outside the shower area, so that they are accessible.
  • it is not possible to control the water volume with this fitting. The digital display offers the possibility to switch the water on or off
  • electrical fittings comply with German standards
Item number:
390 4656.Set4
iFlow | Sensual Rain
metal/plastic/acrylic glass
polished stainless steel/chrome/black
Shower hose length:
Depth of overhead shower:
Width of overhead shower:
Length of hand shower:
Type of Fitting:
contact-free / electronic
max. water consumption of the overhead shower at 3 bar:
Energy efficiency:
without bath spout
with tap fitting
Overhead Shower Spray Modes:
3 jets
Hand Shower Spray Modes:
1 jet
Light bulb incl.:

control unit, mixer unit, diverter unit, control cable, power supply unit, overhead shower, installation frame, hand shower, shower hose, shower bracket, wall elbow

Packaging type:
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