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Black basins & bathroom sinks

The era of exclusively white bathroom ceramics is coming to an end: black basins are taking bathrooms by storm. Discover our range of washbasins, hand washbasins and double washbasins in black. Many of the bathroom sinks are also available in the trendy colour matt black.

Finding the right black bathroom sink

Black basins are available in a wide range of sizes and for different installation situations. First of all, there are the "normal" washbasins, which start at around 60 cm wide. They differ according to the type of installation in countertop, drop-in, semi-recessed or wall hung basins. The basins are then either screwed to the wall or placed on a countertop or the vanity unit.

None of this is necessary with black floorstanding washbasins. They are certainly the Ferraris among washbasins and at home in designer bathrooms. They can be placed freely in the room, but then require floorstanding fittings if there is no wall nearby.

Double washbasins start at around 100 cm wide. They either have one basin with two taps or have two separate bowls. Accordingly, one or two wastes have to be taken into account in the planning. Black double washbasins are available for countertop or wall mounting.

Hand washbasins are particularly small and narrow and are mainly used in downstairs toilets. Like the other types of washbasin, they are also available in black - with either a glossy or matt finish. They are available either as washbowls or for mounting on the wall.

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