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Rain in this country is usually a cold and unpleasant thing - unless it comes from a rain shower head, in which case it feels like tropical rain. They are not called rainfall showers for nothing. Rain showers have a particularly large shower head so that the water does not just hit a single part of the body, but completely envelops it. This promises a very special shower experience - like a tropical shower.

Rain shower heads for recessed ceiling installation offer the ultimate showering experience. They are particularly large and often equipped with additional functions such as light, coloured light or a waterfall. However, the installation is relatively complicated and should be left to a professional.

Also bear in mind that some height is lost when the unit is installed in the ceiling. However, it also does not need a shower arm, so there is definitely enough distance between the rain shower head and your head.

In this case, the rain shower hangs on a shower arm, but there are also some where the arm and shower form one unit. If you want to be a little flexible, choose a rain shower with a pivot joint; the shower head can then be rotated in any direction up to a certain angle.

For smaller showers, make sure that the projection of the overhead shower is not too long. This is the only way to ensure that you can shower in the middle. Choose between different spray modes or between round or square shower heads.

With this variant, the rain shower head is attached to the ceiling with the help of a shower arm. Tall people should make sure that the shower head does not hang too low, otherwise comfortable showering is no longer possible.

Choose your rain shower from various shapes and sizes. There are also some with different spray modes. You can then, for example, choose to stand under a powerful, pattering rain jet or a pinpoint, calming relaxation jet.

You want to convert your old shower into a rain shower head easily and conveniently? Then a shower system is exactly the right choice. It can be installed in place of the existing shower rail set without major conversion work.

A shower system consists of an overhead shower and a hand shower, and usually also includes a fitting or a thermostat. Due to the design, the rain shower head here is not quite as large as in the other versions. But you still don't have to go without that relaxing rain feeling.

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