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Steel baths

Steel baths: baths made of steel enamel

A beautiful range of steel baths awaits you here in the Reuter online shop. Steel bath in this context means a bathtub made of steel enamel. This is a composite material made of steel and enamel, which in turn is made of glass.

If you are looking for a robust solution, a steel bath is the right choice. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so there is something for every need. Which steel enamel bath would you like?

Finding the right steel enamel bath

True to the motto 'the tried and tested is still the best', the positive aspects of a steel bath are undeniable. It is particularly resistant to any knocks and bumps and is also enormously scratch-resistant. These properties and the radiant sheen of enamel delight longer than other materials.

Suitable steel baths that last a lifetime are available in many variations. Whether classic rectangular shape, triangular, oval or with built-in whirlpool jets: there are almost no limits to what the customer's heart desires.

Steel bathtubs are available in beautiful colours and give the bathroom a special touch. With their radiant shine, steel enamel baths are a special factor in the ambience of a bathroom and make a significant contribution to feeling good and relaxing.

Steel baths are available in various shapes. Caring for a steel bath is absolutely no problem, especially as the particularly smooth surface means that dirt hardly adheres. A commercially available bath cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner is enough to restore cleanliness and shine after a bath.

Of course, this also applies to any steel enamel shower tray. If limescale stains do occur, even the use of a stronger cleaning agent will not cause any damage to the surface of the tub.

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