With the Best-Price-Guarantee, you can always be sure to shop with us at the lowest prices.

It's so simple

Shopping at the lowest price

If you can prove that the following conditions for the Best-Price-Guarantee have been met, we will deliver the item to you at the lowest price or refund the difference.


Your checklist for our Best-Price-Guarantee

  • Within five days of your purchase, the item is being offered to all at a lower price by another German online retailer or in our online shop
  • It must be an identical item (the same brand, same model, same version, with the same availability, same buyer protection guarantee)
  • With the exception of sale items, products which are on internet auction sites, items sold either by a private individual or by a stationary retailer and items delivered to foreign countries (i.e. outside of Germany)
  • With the exception of custom-made and made-to-measure items which are manufactured specifically for a customer, as well as services such as installation or bathroom planning services
  • Products ordered via the payment method "buy now, pay later" are excluded.

    Principally, we reserve the right to limit and deliver in quantities customary for consumers. With a best-price adjustment, depending on the method of payment, any discounts granted will be included in the best-price and not added.

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Do you wish to make use of the Best-Price-Guarantee?

Then please contact our sales department via phone or e-mail. Our consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Telephone Support

Our hotline is available for you 7 days a week until 9 pm at the below mentioned landline number

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